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07-07-09 | Posted by



A new wrinkle -freezing treatment known as REX, formerly known as GFX or Relaxed Expressions, is being offered at selected doctors’ offices to treat the lines between the eyebrows. To date Botox is the most effective treatment but there are those who do not want to be injected with the botulism virus event though it has been around for a long time and appears to be totally safe for most individuals.

The REX works by inserting a probe under the skin at the corner of the temple. You need to be able to frown during the 30 minute procedure so the doctor can access nerve function. The probe emits energy that creates lesions of the muscles that cause the wrinkles between the brows. REX is a more invasive procedure then Botox and can cause swelling and bruising at the site of the insertion. On the surface of this information I am not a fan, even though I prefer “natural” approaches to youthful aging.

Bioform Medical, the company that markets Radiesse, does claim it lasts 12 months. That is way longer then Botox or Dysport which last 3-6 months tops. Jury is still out on this !

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