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08-13-13 | Posted by

It’s every girl’s dream to have shiny, strong hair and thanks to technology once available exclusively at salons, at-home treatments can render the locks we crave.

Enter the new Redken Diamond Oil Collection, which consists of shampoo, conditioner, and intensive treatment as well as bottles that give you “shatterproof” shine, so you can reverse the signs of damage and aging with a few convenient steps.

The oil’s ingredients include natural apricot, camelina, and coriander, which aim to go deep down into the core of the hair and target different layers of the hair due to the oils’ different molecular weights. The two oil treatments in this collection include Shatterproof Shine and Shatterproof Intense, and are a bit like gorgeous fragrance bottles in and of themselves, giving a very upscale and luxurious user experience.

The aim of this collection is to give hair strength and a diamond-like shine—hence the name. Here are the items available in the collection:

Shampoo ($18): This is a creamy shampoo with an oil-enriched component to clean and strengthen your hair, but also give it a star-like luster.

Conditioner ($19): This moisturizing conditioner gives you a frizz-free shiny result. I also loved the smell of the conditioner and found it not heavy or greasy at all.

Deep Facets ($20): This intensive treatment is for those who have had serious post-processed hair complaints and provides a protective layer over the hair to prevent damage and increase the shine factor. If you’ve had a lot of coloring treatments and post-processed hair woes, this is definitely one to try, on a weekly basis.

Shatterproof Shine ($40) and Shatterproof Shine Intense ($40): Formulated with coriander and apricot oils, these bottles of magic promise you shine  for both medium and coarse hair (use the intense version for coarse hair).

How It Worked

The Diamond Oil collection is definitely for those who fight dull or brittle hair and want to do treat it without spending a fortune. What I loved about this line is that it is fragrant and infused with oil yet remains lightweight, so it’s not going to weigh your hair down or make it greasy. The shampoo and conditioner do a great job in and of themselves to fight frizz and reverse your hair’s status back to almost virgin.


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