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Some of my favorite things are….PINK.  It all started in 1997 when I founded my company, Wendy Lewis & Co Ltd, and chose a pink logo and letterhead. When you consider that on a day-to-day basis, I wear mostly black, and consider shades of gray to be a color, pinks are about as bright as I can get while staying within my comfort zone.

Here, 5 of my picks for little luxuries on that theme:

Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary ($92) – Oscar’s final scent is a fitting tribute to the man and his iconic brand empire. The look and feel of Extraordinary is feminine, sexy and very elegant, as one would expect. Blended with florals like cherry blossom, peony and rose, as well as warm notes of neroli, it has a pink hue and the star shaped bottle is substantial. One spritz is all you need. It goes on bold and lasts throughout the day. Warning: If you’re an Oscar fan, you may find yourself tearing up a little in his memory. This one is a keeper. (Gifted)

Guerlain Meteorite Compact in Clair ($62) – The classic Météorites Compact from the House of Guerlain got a new twist this season with 3 pearly palettes of matte shades that act like micro complexion correctors.  They zoom in on flaws and undertones to help you create an overall look is harmonious and radiant. Try the super soft Meteorites Brush for the perfect application ($43.50). Great for quick touch ups to perk up your end-of-a-hard-day-havent-slept-all-week face.

Gucci Luxurious Moisture-Rich Lipstick, Exposure in Exposure ($39) – The Gucci beauty collection is the stuff dreams are made of. I’m obsessed with the black and gold c1980s style of the compacts and lip ranges. The lipsticks are silky smooth and the colors are wearable and flattering to all skin types. I tend to favor nudes, tawny rose, and pinky taupes, since I’m a Skin Type I, fair skinned, burns when you look at her kind of gal. Exposure is a lovely spring-like tone with a little brightness that perks up your complexion so you look like a woman in love. (If only…)

Dior 5 Couleurs Eye Shadow Palette in Tutu ($62) Dior’s signature 5 shade palette got all done up in a glorious combo of floral hues from pale peach to a subtle lavender that resembles a luscious bouquet of peonies. Can double as a cheek tint or highlighter for your eyelids in a pinch, if you’re into multitasking. P.S. Looks fab on blondes.

CDpinkshadowsSephora Formula X Sheer Strength in Wondrous ($12.50) – Ever since I tried Formula X, I have to admit that I was hooked. It’s a brilliant system made all the more interesting by the over the top array of choices from sheers to vinyl finishes, textures and bold brights. The brand launches something on trend and exciting every time I pop into a Sephora. This Formula X range is a one coat coverage system that is complete as a nutrient-enriching formula for brittle, weak and peeling nails, and comes in a perfect 10 pale shades. It’s my go to polish when I need to do something fast that’s actually good for my nails, and get out the door.

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