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Meet the Parisienne Perfector

Docteur Nelly Gauthier is one of the reasons why Parisian women look so good (and so young!). She has mastered the art of subtle injections and combines her skill with selected light based devices (Thermage, Ulthera, IPL and others) to make small improvements that deliver big results. Originally from Morocco, she trained as a surgeon in Paris and London, and has devoted her practice exclusively to facial aesthetics. Docteur Gauthier is also one of the best kept secrets of supermodels, Londoners, and American socialites who come to Paris and pop in for a tune up at her glamourous private clinic on rue de Marignan in the fashionable 8e arrondisement.  She is a favourite of the French presse and is often quoted in her no-nonsense style.  Dr Gauthier does not accept every client; if you do not have a strong sense of aesthetics that fits well with her own, she will send you on your way. Most of her well heeled clientele come through personal referrals, but you can try to get in for an appointment. Her contact details are below – Dr Gauthier does not have a website (nor does she plan to have one in the future).

9, rue de Marignan

75008 Paris – FRANCE

Office: +33153750460

What are your favourite techniques to add beauty to a face?

The techniques I favour are dependent on one’s very unique beauty and its special requirements in order to be enhanced. As a rule, whatever technique I choose, I never want to risk adding artifice to a face because it is a killer! Basically, if needed, I will use separately or in combination techniques of: addition (semi-permanent fillers), subtraction (fractional laser resurfacing), inhibition (Botox), stimulation (energy based devices). Sometimes the best technique is abstention, and what I really need to do is help the patient realize how pretty she or he is!

Parisienne women have a reputation for always looking sexy and desireable – so what are their secrets?

I think one secret of Parisian women is that the standard around them is very high so they are always emulated and pushed to give their best! It is difficult for a woman to “let go” in Paris because there is a basic unspoken code for being “womanly”. Another secret is that we have a cultivated sense of uniqueness. We do not like to try to look like this or that person; we are always claiming our own personality and our own beauty. “Chic originality” is a daily quest in Paris and I think it is a true key to being desireable.

What are the new developments in energy based devices in Europe?

Great progress and improvement have been achieved in two areas: LED photomodulation (French engineering) and UltraSound technology (American engineering). Both technologies offer a very natural improvement with no downtime. LED (Light Emitted Diode), at very high energy and at different wavelength, is an incredible tool to potentialize the cell metabolism. Not only does it improve the overall skin texture but we are seeing amazing results on scars and stretch marks. UltraSound Technology (Ulthera™) is the first non-invasive skin tightening device that has four essential qualities: efficient, reproducible, not painful, no downtime. It has been launch in Europe first (because of the length of time for FDA clearance in the US). I know that it is a reliable technology and the esthetic benefits are definitely practician-dependant.

What is your personal beauty regime?

I “treat” myself with everything I think I need, the same way I will treat a patient. Of course my rule of no artifice applies to me as well. For my skin I use the light treatments (LED regularly and IPL now and then), and as a daily skincare I believe in frequent exfoliations and simple moisturizer (no special brand). Diet, water and exercise are extremely important and I concentrate my efforts on keeping them up. I barely use any makeup; only eye pencils, and not every day because I have tattooed a permanent eyeliner. I do not have the kind of skin that takes makeup nicely. I don’t look good with a foundation. But I have to say that makeup doesn’t look good after 40 when it is visible. It needs to be subtle.

Are you a mom?


What is your favourite bag?

I have a belt bag that I love and take everywhere. When it gives, I have it remade by my cobbler. I know a lot of women make a feminine statement with their handbags but I do not attach my statement there.

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