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12-13-17 | Posted by

You’ve already heard of Bro-tox and Scro-tox. Well, the newest use for Botox is for oily scalps.

Botox has long been used to decrease sweating, with many getting Botox injections in their armpits and feet to reduce excessive levels of sweat.  Now Botox is being injected underneath hair follicles to prevent sweat and oils from messing up your perfect blowout. This can be a lifesaver for busy women who don’t have the luxury of popping into the salon for emergencies or scheduling Glamsquad at will.

Dermatologist Dr. Jeremy Brauer says he began offering Blotox treatments after women started asking for it. “Botox works by interrupting communication between the nerve endings and sweat glands. When this signal is disrupted, you don’t sweat.”

But to effectively treat sweating, you may need up to a few hundred injections gently placed under the hair follicles, so the treatment can be pricey. “It can last about as long as it lasts in other areas, depending on how much is injected and how active the sweat glands are. About four to six month is typical in most people,” says Dr. Brauer.

Teresa Probst, Director of Color at the posh Madison Avenue salon Varin New York City, says that she heard about Blotox from some of her clients. “With the soaring popularity of Botox in Manhattan, it’s no wonder that women are open to new ways of using it. Many of my clients are working out regularly to stay fit, so the idea of having Botox injected into the scalp as well as under the arms to keep them from sweating is appealing.”

Another benefit for those women who have curly hair is that it tends to stay straight for longer. So, if you think twice about hitting a barre class after work because you don’t want to wreck an $85 blowout, Blotox could be the answer.

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