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I recently came across an ad for Pandora Jewelry that perfectly illustrates the special bond between children and their moms. It shows mothers standing side by side in a line. One by one, their children are blindfolded and asked to find their own mom. They touch, smell and examine the women and have no trouble finding their own moms. It’s not surprising that the moms were easy to identify and though it’s certainly worth the watch, you don’t need to see it to know that each woman is unique and each mom is one-of-a-kind.

If you were to ask a hundred women what they love most about their mom you’d probably get a hundred different answers. Ask a thousand and expect a thousand different answers. But, just as each woman is different there are certain things that will please the masses. Some time alone (think facials, massages…anything at a spa), some time with you (think manis and pedis or a wonderful shared meal) and chocolate (she might hate you for it but you know she’ll devour it!).

Just in time for Mother’s Day 2015, here, five fragrance, jewelry and beauty suggestions sure to please. They’ll make mom feel and look as beautiful on the outside as you know she is on the inside:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Allegria Eau de Parfum ($129) is classified as a green, floral, woody fragrance but all you’ll notice is how beautiful it smells and how gorgeous it looks on the vanity.

Dead of Night Perfume ($55 – $595) is a decadent unisex perfume oil imbued with rare, natural oudh (a precious aromatic resin), as well as green, floral and warm notes like sandalwood and musk.

Helen Ficalora charms (from $50) are worn by many a celeb mom including Jennifer Garner and Sarah Jessica Parker. Worn alone or strung together on a chain they’re always in style.

Jennifer Meyer‘s mom-inspired classic, dainty jewelry (from $550) looks beautiful layered with other pieces. They’re an easy way to show her you love her…whether she goes by mommummama or mommy.

Sephora Collection Lip Mixology Palette ($28) allows her to create shades as one-of-a-kind as she is. It contains 25 lipsticks and glosses, lip primer a double-ended lip brush and custom look tutorials on how to layer, create an ombre look, a fuller lip effect, or a classic lip look.

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