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04-22-09 | Posted by



Most women today are brand agnostic. We mix and match skin care as we do with color makeup and even fashion! For example, is there any law that says you can’t throw on a Banana Republic t-shirt under an Armani suit jacket? We do that all the time too. The old way of layering skin care products holds less appeal these days as women are busier and strive to streamline their routine. The best advice is to stick with similar products – designed for your skin type – from whichever brands you choose. 

If you are using a system, such as OBAGI or MURAD, the products may be designed to work in tandem, so that if you don’t use the whole system, you may not get the real benefits or worse, you may cause a reaction or irritation. Using a Lancome eye cream with an Estee Lauder face cream is perfectly fine because you would be applying the products on different areas of your face. Similiarly, if you are using different brands on the same facial areas but at different times of day (such as morning or night time), you may be safe to use what you want.  However, with cosmeceutical brands that  are designed to resurface the skin, exfoliate or speed up cell turnover with bioactives like Retin-A, retinol, glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid, try to avoid using anything on top of treatment products that could potentially neutralize the beneficial resurfacing effects. Many moisturizers have a high pH and they can neutralize the effect of active ingredients that tend to have a lower pH to avoid irritation. Another example is using a cleanser from one brand that contains salicylic acid and then using a lotion from another brand that also contains salicylic acid may be too much of a good thing. So, before you mix and match your skin care brands, just read the labels. Doubling up on potent ingredients at the same time on the same facial area is a no-no.

3 Responses to “MIX N’ MATCH BRANDS”

  1. MIC Says:

    Layering up products is where you can really get into trouble. Don’t overload your skin with too much cream or you’ll cause breakouts and dead cells to build up. Use a little not a lot.

  2. beautylovingmom Says:

    If you go to any cosmetics counter anywhere in the world, they’ll alwyas try to sell you more than you need. Just say NO! Everyone knows theyre on commission. Thats why I try to buy online or in a store that has no salespeople hounding me

  3. Match’ Skin Treatment | Skin Science Says:

    […] Mix N’ Match Skin Care Brands – Beauty In The Bag | Skin … – Can you safely mix and match your skin care? What rules apply when switching brands or combining one system with another. Murad, Obagi, Retin-A have different rules … […]

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