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09-07-10 | Posted by


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Could builders sand furniture with your feet? If so, then Miss Oops Pedicure In a Bottle is your new best friend! Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle actually exfoliates, then hydrates your feet. Plus, it’s easy to use! Most exfoliating creams require you to rub the formula on your feet and then wash it off. Not Miss Oops. The exfoliating component is actually absorbed into the skin. Plus, with this non-greasy formula, you can apply it in the morning and wear your shoes without that “slippery-greasy” feeling. The combination of glycolic and salicylic acid, shea butter, peppermint, menthol, and lavender leave your feet feeling smooth and smelling pretty – just like you had a pedicure! (From Miss Oops!)

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