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Dr. Michelle Yagoda has a lot on her plate, quite literally. The plastic surgeon-come-edible beauty entrepreneur has developed  a powder-based formula that claims to deliver a quickly absorbed dose of some of the basic nutrients your body needs to improve the texture of skin, hair and nails.   While I’m more of a topical gal, I have been known to enjoy a protein shake…There does seem to be a lot of buzz around the product.  


How did you make the leap from plastic surgery to edible beauty?

As a plastic surgeon, I have always noticed that true beauty consists of much more than a perfect nose or a fabulous jaw/neckline.  If someone’s skin isn’t glowing and her hair isn’t shiny, she simply does not look beautiful.  My partner, Dr. Eugene Gans, Ph.D., and I noticed that even people with healthy diets had skin, hair and nail problems.  We theorized that these people did not have a dietary insufficiency, but rather inadequate absorption of the essential peptides and lipids that are the key building blocks for keratin structures and supporting components of hair, skin and nails.  We set out in search of a way to improve the formation of skin, hair and nails from the core,  understanding that topical products are only minimally absorbed (at best).  While topical products might only cover up problems, an ingestible product can correct the underlying problem from within. We developed the patent-pending BeautyScoop formula and confirmed our beauty from the inside theory.

Which ingredients in the formula are most essential to our health and beauty, and why?

BeautyScoop contains peptides and lipids, the usable forms of proteins and biologically important oils, in an immediately absorbable powder form.  Peptides and lipids are the key building blocks for keratin structures and supporting components of hair, skin and nails.  These same peptides and lipids are often inadequately absorbed even from healthy diets.  For example, when you eat grilled salmon, it takes your body 4-6 hours to digest what you have eaten into an absorbable form.  As it does so, peptides and lipids become available bit-by-bit. The body rations out what it receives. But with BeautyScoop, peptides and lipids are immediately available in sufficient quantity so that the body can go into synthesis mode without rationing. In clinical studies, 86% of users reported healthy, new and beautiful skin, hair and nails within three weeks!

How would you approach a skeptic like myself who may be too timid to ingest her beauty treatments?

Once someone understands how and why BeautyScoop works, they are eager to try it.  When they learn that doctor-developed and clinically proven BeautyScoop is all natural and vegetable-based and made in the USA in an USDA organic certified factory without any artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives, there is generally no convincing needed!

What beauty brands do you love?

For skincare almost all of my topical favorites are medical or pharmaceutically-based.  They tend to be scientifically evaluated and more effective than department store brands and a fraction of the price!  Some of my favorites:  Skinceuticals for sun protection and anti-oxidants, Glyderm for anti-aging, and Precision Skincare for specialty areas like eyes, neck and decollete.

Are you a mom ?


What’s your favourite bag?

The classics are by Loro Piana and Bottega Veneta and for special occasions, the new stingray skin bag by Giorgio Armani is to die for!!!

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