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04-25-10 | Posted by

Meet the Guy’s Beauty Guru

At Beautyinthebag.com we are generally focused on beauty for the ladies, but we have not forgotten the other half; nor the truism that many times women are behind the product decisions of the men in their lives. Some women even enjoy using men’s products for themselves! Whetever your pleasure, enter Menaji Skincare, a natural line of products founded by professional celebrity makeup artist Michele Probst.


What’s the story behind your brand?

As a celebrity makeup artist, I had little to use for my male clients. It was either female or theatrical product available.  There was nothing on the market just for men.  My “light bulb” moment was when I was doing a commercial for a law firm.  One of the attorneys called me after the shoot and asked if I could do his makeup for an upcoming case.  He said he felt so confident after he left the shoot that he needed that confidence again for his upcoming trial.  I told him how much my day rate was and he said never mind.  That is when I wondered:  Why couldn’t I send him to a store where he could buy his own product and apply it himself?  That’s when we created Menaji Skincare.  Our organic formula is look good=feel good=confidence=success!

Menaji isn’t just for men, or is it?

Menaji Skincare was definitely developed for men; however, women don’t care who the product was developed for:  men, animals, etc. If it’s a superior product, it’s a superior product.  Men needed their own line:  keep it simple, immediate results, and undetectable.

What do you think are the primary drivers behind men’s skin care purchases?

Obviously my first answer would be the woman in their life because we have had the skin care education that they are just now learning.  This woman could be: a wife, a mother, a neighbor, etc.  My second answer is word-of-mouth and visuals.

What are your hero products?

The award-winning 911 eye gel!  It works on dark circles, allergies, puffiness, wrinkles, hangovers, and just an over-all bad day!

What are your personal product picks from your range and beyond?

Menaji Skincare Anti-Shine Powder, Bonnebell Lip gloss, any really great, quality-haired makeup brush, and anything MAC.

Tell us about your brand’s philanthropic involvement?

First and foremost, we are proud to say that we are the official skin care line for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.  We are also on the board of the following:  American Cancer Society, The Hemophilia Group, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure, to name a few.

Are you a mom?

I am a mother to this crazy company and a god-mother to three!

What is your favorite bag?

I have many!  As of late, Vera Bradley’s micro-fiber black cosmetic bag.  Also, I love any washable brush roll-up.

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