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Expectant mothers have a unique set of skincare concerns, and who better to understand their needs than a practicing obstetrician? Having delivered some 3,000 babies, Dr. Michele Brown has seen women through the challenges and triumphs of pregnancy and come to understand what makes personal care different for moms-to-be. The hormones of pregnancy introduce a range of issues, from acne to stretch marks, but safety is paramount when there is a baby on board. Dr. Brown therefore developed a cosmeceutical range designed with moms and babies in mind. Voila – a beautiful idea is born!


As an obstetrician, how did you make the leap into skincare?

As a practicing obstetrician since 1982, I have always taken pleasure in being able to resolve the daily problems that pregnant women face due to the hormonal and physiological changes that occur during pregnancy and nursing. Because of the absence of safe and effective products to deal with these changes, I was often frustrated on not being able to offer a solution for my patients.  Beauté de Maman was conceived with the idea of providing a natural, safe, and effective line of cosmeceutical products for pregnant and nursing women.  The product line must deliver superior results as compared to other products in the marketplace and be affordably priced, which is pivotal in today’s economy.  In addition, it is important to exclude ingredients that may not be safe for pregnant women or the fetus. Beauté de Maman products have active ingredients that are natural and plant-derived. There are no benzophenones, no formaldehyde, no parabens, and no sulfates. There are no animal derived ingredients and no animal testing of products.

What do pregnant women want from their beauty and skincare regimen to address their unique concerns?

Pregnancy is associated with dramatic physiological changes in every organ system. The heart, the lungs, and the circulatory system change to accommodate the growing fetus.  Hormonal changes are also extreme, primarily due to the high levels of placental hormones.  These hormonal changes affect the skin, the scalp, and hair growth and are very familiar to every practicing obstetrician. The cosmetic changes resulting from the above are a constant source of concern to pregnant women who often experience low self image as a result. There are 3 primary areas of significant change in the skin:

  • Stretch marks occur during the rapid expansion of the abdomen and can affect not only the abdomen, but also the breasts and thighs. These changes are often irreversible and can last indefinitely
  • The skin becomes oily and prone to acne
  • Nipples can crack during lactation and infection can become an issue

Pregnant women want products that address these issues.  They simply want safe, affordable, and effective products!!!!

What are the most popular products in the line?

Pregnant women seem to be purchasing the facial scrub and the face and body cream for blemished skin because there is no other safe alternative for this issue.  In pharmacies and hospitals, the nipple gel and the stretch mark cream are the top sellers.

For the dubious mom-to-be, how are the products tested for pre-natal safety?

We worked very closely with a Ph.D organic chemist who is an expert in the development of cosmeceutical products. Being an obstetrician, I have access to physician only reproduction toxicity lines where I was able to research every ingredient used to guarantee safety to both mother and infant. In addition, I have the advantage of a large patient population who filled out questionnaires and made comments. Products were released only after all the suggestions were used to manufacture the best quality product on the market.

What is your personal beauty routine?

Our products were designed for the pregnant woman but I use the facial scrub daily. The facial scrub can be used by all skin types.  It is prepared in a moisturizing base and contains exfoliating beads which removes surface dirt and oil from make-up and dead skin cells that clog pores. In addition, I use the stretch mark cream on my face twice a day since this rich, moisturizing cream contains natural, botanical, and herbal ingredients that preserve the skins elasticity and suppleness which will prevent wrinkling of skin.

Are you a mom?

Yes, I am a proud mother of a 24 year old medical student and a 15 year old violinist.

What’s your favorite bag?

We are working on a new gift set for 2009/2010 that includes a beautiful yet functional “green” diaper bag.  It will be a multi-purpose design and be useful as a diaper bag or for moms on the go.  I think this will be my new favorite bag!!!

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  1. MSM Says:

    Go Dr. Brown! I wish I would have known about this line when I was pregnant with my son and I’m definitely going to check it out if I get pregnant again. I was very cautious when expecting (to the point of crunchiness) and wished that I could find quality products that had been vetted for safety and effectiveness by a medical professional.

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