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02-10-09 | Posted by


Meet the Diva of Dimples

Like Cher, ANUSHKA is one name that immediately conjures up a strong feminine image. This Argentinian beauty founded the Anushka Spa & Cellulite Clinic in New York City over 36 years ago and now calls Palm Beach home. Known as the cellulite guru to the well-heeled jet set, she is on a one-woman quest to help women conquer cellulite and keep her clients swimsuit-ready, year-round. She has been called “Cellulite Exorcist Extraordinaire” by Vogue and “THE anti-cellulite maven” by W Magazine, Anushka’s highly coveted body and spa products are sold all over the world. www.anushkaspa.com View the entire cellulite collection online at www.anushkaonline.com

What’s your slimming secret for staying a size 2?

I can’t claim to have found the cure for cellulite (yet!), but I have found solutions to help diminish that unsightly orange peel skin condition that almost 100% of women have.

These are key tips from my 5-Week Intensive Cellulite Program that I live by, and that really works:

  • 1. Absolutely no fried, processed, or salty foods ever!
  • 2. Limit simple carbohydrates and opt for only complex carbohydrates
  • 3. Cut out chemical-richfoods that claim to be fat and/or sugar free
  • 4. Avoid mixed drinks and sodas (diet and regular too); reach for a glass of red wine instead, in moderation
  • 5. Get moving!
  • How do you create your famous body products?

    I am always on the hunt for new ingredients and science based delivery systems. We test and try out so many formulas. Manufacturers are also trying to sell us on their latest and greatest anti-cellulite and body shaping technology, but we are highly selective in what we choose to offer Anushka clients. Everything has to be safe, effective and high quality to pass our rigorous standards. I try everything myself too.

    Who goes to Anushka?

    Miss America Katie Stam came in, which was a real thrill. Jeana Keogh from the Bravo’s Real Houswives of Orange County has been with us recently. We have a long list of international socialites, the Pullitzer girls and Alex Dunhill among them. Star athletes like the Williams sisters, and quite a few supermodels from Miami and New York who shall remain nameless. The list goes on.

    What is the best part of the new Anushka?

    Our new 12,000 square foot beauty mecca in CityPlace, West Palm Beach is my lifelong dream come true! It is a tranquil world where luxury and pampering surround you. The Spa Sanctuary is everyone’s personal favorite place to relax and unwind. The expanding array of cutting edge injectables, lasers and peels in the Cosmedical Centre is our newest addition, and we are very proud of the medical team which includes the well known plastic surgeon from New York, Dr. Daniel Morello who appeared on ABC’s Extreme Makeover.

    Are you a mom?

    I have two wonderful daughters who I am so proud of.

    What’s your favorite bag?

    A classic Kelly – it lasts forever!

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    1. faysface Says:

      I remember Anushka when she had her place in NYC. I used to go once a week for my lumpy spots. The treatments felt great.

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