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It was the love of tuberose that led Kat Burki to create her Naturally Balanced Skincare line. She began her career as an interior designer and created such a stir that her work appeared in well-known publications like Elle Décor, House Beautiful, and Interiors, as well as being chosen as one of HGTV’s Top Ten. When working with private clients, she loved to leave a bouquet of tuberose behind as a signature olfactive experience. Her love of tuberose quickly evolved into candles and soaps as gifts for her clients, as well as a fragrance.

The tuberose fragrance took on a life of its own, and Kat shortly produced a scented natural body cream, and ultimately a line of body and skin care. Her sense of design, selection of all natural ingredients, and finely tuned nose has resulted in a line that is pure, uplifting, and refined.

1. Tell us a bit about your background. How did you transition from interior designer to skin care developer?

As an interior designer, I created environments for my clients that would create a complete, sensory experience. Leaving behind a bouquet of tuberose flowers was my way of completing the experience. I wanted to recreate the beauty of tuberose and since everything on the market positioned it as a very deep and musky scent I created my own version that represented the pure, clean, white side of tuberose. Your beauty routine should be the same: a pure and authentic experience. The ingredients in my skin care are harvested at their peak moments to deliver maximum results to the skin.

2. What is your product development philosophy?

From the earliest stages of product development, I had always follow the criteria of what I would want in a product for myself—beautiful, luxurious packaging, unique pure fragrance combinations, and the most effective ingredients. I have always stuck to this philosophy in creating products and will not approve anything that I am not completely in love with.

3. How do you go about composing a fragrance?

I first have a vision of what type of scent I am looking to create. I gather fragrance notes and oils that would typically be in that type of fragrance but make sure I am picking scents that remain true to the inspiration. From there, I start to pair them with unexpected fragrance notes and combinations, ones that people wouldn’t expect to harmonize together, but somehow they do and bring the fragrance to another level. I love to create clean, pure, and authentic fragrances that give confidence and feelings of beauty to those wearing it.

4. What is your recommendation to fight the signs of time?

Keeping skin balanced is key to fighting the signs of time. If your skin is oily, you shouldn’t just work to eliminate the oil but also make sure you are hydrating at the same time. Dry skin doesn’t need to be heavily moisturized, but it must be exfoliated and detoxified, to make sure that the hydration can penetrate to deeper layers. Not balancing the skin properly can actually work to age skin faster. I always suggest finding the ingredients that work well for your skin and choosing the products based around that. Knowing the ingredients that your skin needs will bring about faster specific results.

5. Is there a Kat Burki “hero” product? Why do you think it is such a success?

Our Vitamin C Intensive Day Cream is definitely our shining star. It has 15% vitamin C combined with a raw reishi mushroom, which boosts collagen and reverses the signs of damaged skin cells—an ideal formulation for an anti-aging moisturizer. People are looking for products with smart ingredients but don’t want to wait a long time for results. From the initial application, you will feel the light texture, clean feeling, and see instant brightness to the skin. Using ingredients in their purest, most potent, and effective forms creates the most noticeable results.

6. What’s next for Kat Burki skin care and fragrance?

There are so many new product launches that I can’t wait to share with everyone pretty soon. We will be launching our Raw Sugar Body Oil, which everyone has been asking us to spin off for from our Raw Sugar Body Scrub. Blends of raw, cold-pressed coconut, kukui, and macadamia oils, which are rich in essential fatty acids, strengthen and tighten the skin. Because we use oils that your skin recognizes and are cold-pressed, they absorb quickly with no sticky residue.

We also have some specialized treatments launching that target specific skin concerns. They’re all formulated with raw unadulterated ingredients and innovative technologies to quickly deliver results for radiant naturally balanced skin.

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