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Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Babak Dadvand is one of the most experienced & sought after Gynecomastia Surgeons in Los Angeles; he has performed cosmetic procedures for some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and has been given the name of “a miracle worker” by BBC. He has an incredible gift that makes his patients feel completely comfortable.

Beauty in the Bag spoke with Dr. Dadvand about his passion for aesthetic plastic surgery and what procedures are the most popular with the RHOBH.

1. What is your signature procedure?

I specialize in several different procedures, for both women and men. But, for women, I specialize in the “natural looking” breast enhancement. I aim to give my patients the most natural looking breast as possible.

2. What do the real Real Housewives of Beverly Hills want as far as cosmetic surgery?

The women of Beverly Hills are always on the go; their schedules are always full of different event functions. These women want to do the less invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox and Fillers, and certain types of lasers that aim to improve signs of aging such as sun spots and loss of skin elasticity. These types of treatments typically are quick office visits that produce immediate and valuable results without the downtime of surgery. Fillers and lasers are still the most popular since you get results quickly and can be done in office in less than an hour. One of our most popular lasers is the CO2 Dot Laser, which is great for resurfacing the face.

3. Does celebrity emulation affect patient requests? If so, who do your patients want to look like and why?

There doesn’t seem to be a trend with my patients requesting to look like their favorite celebrity. Most of my patients are seeking what is best for themselves and how the procedure they choose will provide them with more confidence and ease of being. Some patients do mention certain celebrities as a guideline of what they like, but not to look like them. But, yes there is always a particular body party from someone famous they might admire.

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