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07-06-16 | Posted by

Dark, long, lush, full lashes is why mascara is almost every girl’s desert island beauty product. Mascara is a must-have to frame your eyes and make them pop, plus you’ll look more alert and dare I say…younger. But, different strokes for different folks is just as apropos when it comes to mascara as it is when it comes to tastes in music, food, life partners and just about everything else on this planet. What “does it” for one person won’t necessarily satisfy someone else.

I tend to like my lashes dark, thick, a bit more pronounced on the outer corners and still on the natural-looking side, while my oldest friend in the world is happy when her fringe looks fake. Luckily, no matter what your preference, there’s a mascara that can fulfill your lash wishes. The right mascara and some pro tips can make all your lash dreams come true.


  1. Choose a high-quality eyelash curler that matches the curve of your eyes or use an “individual” lash curler to curl a section at a time, especially effective at curling the inner and outer corners.
  2. If you like your lashes thick, use a lash primer beforehand to help thicken and keep things smooth.
  3. Though it’s recommended you curl lashes before applying your mascara so you don’t end up pulling out any of your lashes, you can apply it post-application if you wait at least 5 minutes for it to dry completely.
  4. If you must apply mascara to your lower lashes don’t apply as much as you would to your uppers. Keep it to a minimum to avoid a spider-eye look.
  5. The best ways to apply it? Start as close as possible to the base of your lashes. Then wiggle your wand into the base before sweeping it upwards.
  6. Keep mascara from clumping by cleaning off the wand with a paper towel before using. If  things go awry anyway and lashes become clumped, use a clean spooley brush to easily separate them.
  7. The wand matters. The days of one wand fits all are over and there’s everything from the original straight wand to thin and thick, curved, spherical tips and micro wands so that no matter what kind of lashes you’re starting with you can get the lashes you really want.


Lancôme CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base ($25.50) prepares lashes perfectly so you get the most out of your favorite mascara without any clumping. The conditioning formula contains micro-fibers and Vitamin E for added length and volume. Use as a primer before mascara or as a nightly lash mask to nourish and condition.

Josie Maran Argan Black Oil Mascara ($22) mixes 100 percent pure argan oil with black iron mineral pigments and bamboo for a nourishing, softening, lengthening, volumizing, lifting and curling formula that’s delivered by a unique brush that reaches every single lash.

Touch In Sol Stretchex Stretch Lash Effect Mascara ($22) adds some serious length for a faux lash look that lasts all day long and easily washes away with warm water. Its stretch polymer formula includes hydrolyzed silk protein for healthier, hydrated lashes.

It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Extensions ($24) is a lash extending fiber mascara that utilizes black melted nylon fibers to give you the look of faux lashes in one coat without the tricky application process of real fake lashes. It also contains conditioning ingredients such as vitamin B5, peptides, collagen, proteins and green tea to nourish lashes and keep them healthy.

Shiseido Full Lash Volume Mascara ($25) fans lashes perfectly thanks to its innovative radial brush that separates and coats lashes from root to tip with its flexible, clump resistant formula.


*NOTE: All products were sampled in store. Opinions are my own.

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