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Certain women can pull off the bold lip look with aplomb. Me…I’ve never been one of them. When I go for statement makeup, I tend to shy away from a bold-colored mouth and choose a kohl-rimmed eye or something smoky instead. But lately, I’m liking the bright lipped look — I’ve been favoring it in shades of red, plum and even fuchsia.

If you feel like a statement lip is something you can’t do, I’m here to tell you that you can and should give it a shot. Done right, there’s nothing sexier and it’s easier than ever to make it work. Simply downplay the rest of your makeup in neutral shades and play up your lips so that they take center stage.


Prime It: It’s all about the prep and delivery. Before beginning your lipstick application, make sure you’re starting with a clean slate. If your lips are dry or flaky at all you’ll need to exfoliate first. Gently slough them so they’re silky smooth and perfectly primed. Sara Happ The Lip Scrub ($24) is the most delicious way we know to banish dry, flaky skin and turn lips soft, supple and lightly moisturized, plus it’s available in a variety of yummy flavors like Sparkling Peach, Midnight Blueberry, Creme Brûlée, Vanilla Bean and more.

Go Nude. Prior to applying any color to your lips you’ll want to play down their natural hue. This is where a makeup sponge comes into play. Begin with a slightly damp sponge and dab a little bit of foundation on your lips so that the shade you apply on top of it will be a true-to-the-tube color. The Beautyblender Pure ($20) seems made for the job. Simply wet and gently squeeze out excess water before applying your foundation to it. The foundation will sit on top of the sponge thanks to an open cell structure that prevents it from absorbing and wasting precious product.

Get Swiping. Choose your favorite highly pigmented lipstick and apply a bit to your lips. Rub it in with your fingertips to create a stain OR blot, blot, blot with a tissue. Either way will leave just enough color behind so you’re proudly wearing the color instead of the color wearing you. Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick ($8) features a wax free, high definition, gel technology formula that’s super lightweight and available in 20 vivid and highly pigmented shades.

Seal It. Top that perfect pout with a protective lip balm to add moisture and help lock color in. Smith’s Rosebud Salve ($6.50) is perfect under and over lipstick and should be kept in your makeup bag 24/7 since it’s a major multi-tasker that does it all. In addition to delivering moisture and protection to lips you’ll want to use it to heal dry elbows, cuticles and knees, as a face balm to keep things looking dewy, as a brow groomer, and more.

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