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A veteran of the medical aesthetics industry, Lesley Reynolds Khan is the other half of Harley Street Medical Skin Clinic, with her doctor husband, Aamer Khan. Along with thriving clinics on London’s Harley Street and in Birmingham, they have also been known to make VIP housecalls for celebs and TV presenters in need of a secret bit of Botox and the occasional peeling. As columnists for Woman’s Own, a weekly glossy magazine, Lesley stays up to date on Britain’s best beauty treatments, and has even launched her own skin care range for anti-ageing and acne prone complexions. www.harleystreetskin.co.uk

What is your desert island beauty regime?

I can’t live without my Botox, and I have been known to do my own peels when Aamer is too busy. A good moisturiser is a definite must for me, and I never go out in the sun without protection. 

What are your top beauty brands?

I really love the DDF skincare range,  good mineral makeup, and I wear an SPF 30 almost every day. I can’t go without some colour on my face and I like a good mascara like Lancome or Chanel.

What do your celebrity clients ask for most often?

Since they are mostly on television, they need to look young, in good shape, but very natural. They like SmartLipo to stay slim, and fillers and Botox injections are part of their normal routine. We also do a lot of laser treatments for hair removal, thread veins, and sun spots. It is not unusual for us to get calls at odd hours for “emergency” quick fixes like peels or injections before a big event.

What is the philosophy behind your Harley Street Skin beauty range?

We wanted to keep it very simple, so everyone can use it at home from day to day. The products are targeted to the real concerns our clients ask about most often – like acne, brown spots, blotchy skin, sun damage, lines and wrinkles and redness or rosacea.

Are you a mom?

Yes, we have six children between us. I am happily a mother to my gorgeous Sophie, as well as my two boys, Luke and Adam. Aamer has two lovely daughters, and one son. 

What’s your favourite bag?

I love Chanel, but I also like British designer Anya Hindmarch, and a classic Burberry.


  1. SCM Says:

    I miss you Lesley! Wish I could come to London to see you again. Love ELAINE

  2. Skin Care & More Says:

    ddf skincare…

    … I really love the DDF skincare range, good mineral makeup, and I wear an SPF 30 almost every day. I can’t go without some colour on my face and I like a good mascara like Lancome or Chanel. What do your celebrity clients ask for most … ……

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