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09-28-10 | Posted by

The UK gets its first glossy magazine for curvy women, JUST AS BEAUTIFUL.

Despite the famous quip from supermodel Kate Moss, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,”  the average size of women in Britain is said to be a size 14-16 (that translates to 10-12 in US sizes).  But there is very little offered to curvier women in terms of fashion, beauty and editorial coverage.

Enter JUST AS BEAUTIFUL Magazine launched online 3 years ago as “The UK’s First Free Lifestyle Magazine Dedicated To The Plus-Size Woman” (ugh) which has now been re-branded as “The UK’s Number 1 Lifestyle Magazine For Curvy Women” (better). Described as “an intelligent and entertaining read, with advanced and forward-thinking advice about body image, self esteem, health and a unique take on exercise, as well as stunning and realistic photography,” Just as Beautiful offers British women an alternative to size zero models.


One Response to “JUST AS BEAUTIFUL – Britain’s 1st Magazine For Women of a Certain Size”

  1. nene7884 Says:

    I think its beauiful that UK is embracing the curve full figure women. I think women of all size are beauiful. You don’t have to be a size zero to be beauiful, you don’t have to be as size zero to be health. Womens Clothing

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