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The NEW and long awaited Gucci Beauty Collection is claiming its place in the prestige beauty world in October. Be prepared to be wowed.


Direct from the runway, Gucci debuts a fabulous black and gold GG trimmed collection for lips, nails, eyes, and face. An endless selection of luxurious shades of gorgeous will tempt you to choose just a handful. Eye colors come in round singles, perfectly paired doubles, and stunning quad palettes ($37-65). The Opulent Volume Mascara ($33) is designed in a black Guccissima square case in 4 sumptuous shades (Iconic Black, Cocoa, Midnight Blue, and Iconic Ottanio which is a sultry deep green), and there are dual-tipped powder eye pencils ($32) and pencils for brows ($32).


The lipsticks ($39) come in two creamy varieties, plus there is a selection of Lip Laquers ($32) and Sleek Contouring Lip Pencils ($32) to coordinate your most glam look. Bold High Gloss Laquer ($29) come in 24 amazing shades for nails plus a clear top coat. Our must-haves are the Black Gold, Metallic Sand, and Iconic Bronze which are brilliantly rich metallic tones that would be beautiful adorning toes peeking out of a pair of Gucci sandals.


For the face, there is the Lustrous Glow Foundation with SPF25 in 12 natural looking shades, plus 6 Luxe Finishing Powders and Luminous Perfecting Concealers. There is also a dramatic set of beautifully designed jet black brushes ($35-79) to tickle your fancy. Finish with the Gucci selection of 7 Sheer Blushing Powders and 4 Bronzers that give you the sun-kissed look of a weekend in Portofino. The whole couture collection is perfetto!

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