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02-04-13 | Posted by

3-in-1-Skin-Rejuvenating-Device-03Get ready, BITBers, because this week’s giveaway is literally going to take years off of your clock! We’re featuring the Zensation Skin Rejuvenating Device ($320), a three in one LED light system that visibly reduces the appearance and affects of aging. This Wednesday, February 6, Zensation Beaute will appear on Shop NBC at 9AM to announce the launch of this newest addition to the line. However, since we get the inside scoop here at Beauty in the Bag, we are giving away TEN (10) of these fabulous machines to TEN (10) lucky winners. Zensation is an anti-stress and anti-aging skincare line from Switzerland. Their products are all naturally made with plants, fruits, and other organic extracts to bring you a full line of creams and cleansers that make you look years younger!

The Rejuvenating Device is at the top of its class – this high luxury product brings you all the comfort and prestige of a professional facial in a do-it-yourself environment. First, apply the Zensation Deep Moisturizing Gel or other facial moisturizer to the areas of your face with wrinkles, lines, sun spots, or skin damage. Then, apply the FDA approved device to your skin and massage gently until all the gel is absorbed. It’s that easy! Repeat eight times over a four week period for 70% improved smoothness, 68% improved firmness, and 47% improved elasticity!

The Zensation Skin Rejuvenating Device has three amazing settings! The first is the red light therapy, which decreases redness and inflammation and reduces oil production, pore size and wrinkles. The second is the infrared light therapy. This setting promotes elastin and collagen to improve the firmness of skin and increases tone and texture. The last is the simple but efficient sonic vibration setting. Use this to keep your skin supple and to achieve a look of pure radiance!

The kit comes not only with the rejuvenating device, but also with the Zensation Deep Moisturizing Gel!  Made mostly from the crisp waters from springs in the Alps, it is infused with red alga and marine hydrolysed collagen to moisturize your deepest and driest pores. It is also made with lavender essential oil and damask rose water to create a beautiful fragrance that tones and refreshes malnourished skin. The moisturizer in itself is multi-functional: it’s a wash, a massage base, a mask, an overnight rejuvenator, blends with other Zensation products, and of course, serves as a facial treatment.

Remember, this is a special giveaway, so ten lucky contestants will get this miracle machine delivered to their doorstep. Regular giveaway rules apply, so don’t miss your chance to enter!

To Enter: What at-home remedy do you use to look younger?

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    I use eucalyptus and aloe vera on breakouts.

  2. gingerpye Says:

    I do weekly peels to help with the aging process.

  3. amydwill1982 Says:

    Drinking water and plenty of sleep!

  4. expresslauren Says:

    Vaseline before bed on dry skin

  5. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    I moisturize like crazy, drink lots of water, and exfolliate once or twice a week!

  6. Jamie C. Says:

    I usually exfoliate and I also do peels at home, My face always looks like it’s glowing after I do a A skin peel.

  7. Maria J. Cardoza Says:

    I Massage Extra virgin olive oil on my face and neck to treat wrinkles before bed, Drink plenty of water, I try my hardest to sleep the minimum of 8 hours, I don’t press my face on my pillow when I sleep, I avoid drinking Coffee, I eat an apple each day, I also do a masks at home at least 2 times a month.

  8. Debbie Says:

    Nightly under eye anti-wrinkle cream.

  9. ephlet Says:

    I use Retinol and wear plenty of sunscreen every day!

  10. sheenamariee Says:

    My at home remedy to look younger is using a sugar/lemon/honey scrub that my mother-in-law shared with me! I also make sure to drink tons of water and I make sure I get atleast 8 hours of sleep a night! I would love to win one of these amazing devices, my skin needs it desperately!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. mjreynolds32 Says:

    I brush my teeth with baking soda once a week to make them look extra white and I treat myself to an avacado and honey facial mask every few weeks in the winter months to help combat dry skin.

  12. brea121605 Says:

    I use cucumbers for my eyes area:)

  13. jmiranda181 Says:

    I use coconut oil as a leave in conditioner, moisturizer and scrub base.

  14. meenatangy Says:

    my clarisonic! use it often to exfoliate which keeps my skin looking younger. I also use a glycolic acid peel on my face and on my hands to keep them looking younger! use sunscreen and my latest favorites: serums!!!! I have an acne serum, a moisturizing serum, a spot reducing serum, a age defying serum, and I keep switching them up to get the best results!

  15. amandaellen Says:

    I do alot to help my skin stay youthful! First and foremost….WATER!!! The most importand. Followed by lots of sleep and multi-vitamins! I make sure to wash my face every single night before bed (no matter how tired I am)!!!! Very important to wash!!! When I feel like im about to break out, Ive learned less is definitely more.Crazy treatments only irritate my skin more so I will wash with a natural facewash and keep the area clean. I use alot of anti-age products..Its hard to tell which ones truly work but my estee lauder eye cream definitely works so I use that religiously! Also, no tugging or pulling on the eye area.This will only irritate the skin and make it look older. I think olive oil and coconut oil are very under-rated! They are amazing when used under your neck area if you want to avoid future “Turkey Neck:)” They moisturize and tone very well! And last but certainly not least……..SMILE!!!!!!! It makes you look 10x better:)

  16. missluckybreaks Says:

    Olive oil works wonders as a moisturizer!

  17. erilee69 Says:

    Drink lots of water, eat lots of berries & argan oil on my face.

  18. tiffie555 Says:

    wash with clarisonic, exfoliate, anti-aging serums, moiturizers (and a few drops of organic jojoba oil)

  19. lisamcf Says:

    weeky face masks and moisturizer daily

  20. kvieweg07 Says:

    I Exfoliate and use a Mud Mask once a week and Tone & moisturize 2x a day!

  21. ellen Says:

    Use vitamin E on face

  22. fbassolino Says:

    I use a coconut oil and baking soda face scrub with my facial brush…it works great

  23. theresachaparro Says:

    I drink lots of water, I get lots of sleep, and this may sound funny but, I DO NOT use bar soap on my face!

  24. Lanieluck Says:

    My mom told me to use Vitamin D around my eyes every night before bed. It has worked so well for her I figured I would be a fool not to try it. I also drink at least 8 glasses of water a day and use tea tree on my breakout spots. Thank you for this chance to win this amazing prize! :)

  25. HVSoap Says:

    I drink a lot of water, get plenty of sleep, protect my skin from sun damage and eat a healthy vegan diet. I also take care of my hair with coconut oil.

  26. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    I massage my face to keep the firmness in my face. My ex-boyfriend said that his mother massaged her neck all the time and she had such a smooth neck even at her age. It totally inspired me.

  27. socoluver Says:

    keeping hydrated!

  28. snevels Says:

    Get enough sleep, clean my face day and night, uses a facial moisturizer, give myself weekly facials and eat diet full of fruits and veggies as well as get daily exercise.

  29. DTryjada Says:

    I drink lots of water, stock up on sun screen and moisturize!

  30. Carlie Says:

    I use coconut oil for everything! It’s amazing

  31. vickeigh Says:

    I do peels at home to keep my skin youthful and evenly toned.

  32. wizardewu Says:

    I exfoliate and moisturize daily.

  33. auntiebb Says:

    I use sweet almond oil for my crows feet.

  34. CKay Says:

    I can’t wait to try some of these tips. Thanks everyone. I stopped using soap on my face a long time ago. I usually wash my face with a creamy cleanser. I use a really good night cream and have learned not to feel guilty about the expense. I use a lighter under makeup moisturizer in the morning. Plenty of sunscreen at all times and I agree with everyone else that getting enough rest and drinking plenty of water is essential.

  35. lovethecosmetics Says:

    Retinol and weekly glycolic peels. I would love to try something new.

  36. smthkat789 Says:

    I use ultra calming face cream and line smoother and then a hot steam bath

  37. projecthope7 Says:

    First I try to remember to hydrate sufficiently as that is the most important thing to remember. Then I also try to keep coconut oil in small bottle in the bath area and the kitchen area for skin moisturizing!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

  38. alperjf Says:

    I use anti-aging serums

  39. toniegirl Says:

    Exfoliate 3x / week, weekly peel and mud mask, moisturizers, spf and plenty of water.


    I drink lots of water & get pelnty of sleep.

  41. shellyc724 Says:

    I use a battery operated cleansing brush. serum. day cream, eye cream, and night cream. weekly mask.

  42. momrulez7 Says:

    i drink tons of water, take multi vitamins, including Biotin ( for skin, hair and nails ) and always use eye cream, serums for face and moisturize. I too wash my face every morning and every night!

  43. dawnp Says:

    I drink lots of water and try to get at least 8 hrs of sleep. I wash and exfoliate my face everyday and always remove makeup before bed.

  44. anissa23 Says:

    Wash my face before bed every night

  45. allisonwheeler Says:

    plenty of water and sleep!

  46. gibbonssarah77 Says:

    My at home tricks to stay looking younger came from my sister. She works at a salon is Australia and she says to drink lots of water and never apply makeup with your hands, use a makeup sponge. Also she has told me to GENTLY wash my face so as not to create wrinkles. I have used her advice for years, thanks sis!!!

  47. lastnite629 Says:

    I drink plenty of water, wash and moisturize my face daily, and use SPF or stay out of the sun.

  48. slryan Says:

    Oatmeal and honey mask

  49. lisa r Says:

    i drink lots of water, always wash and moisturize morning and night. i also do yoga daily,including face yoga. thanks for the chance to win. love reading everyones great tips!

  50. lizc Says:

    I always wash my face at night (never leave makeup on), moisturize, sun screen, drink plenty of water, eat healthy and do mask treatments a couple times a week.

  51. spaguru83 Says:

    the preperation H for dark circles really works

  52. breehat Says:

    I eat a lot of seafood and veggies, and always use sunscreen

  53. tiffie555 Says:

    add a few drops of organic jojoba oil to my moisturizers
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  54. heathersweet Says:

    At Home Facials and masks

  55. gezy Says:

    I use cleansing cloth at night then apply multivitamin liquid for the face. Apply night cream. In the morning wash with water then apply day creams. I avoid the sun and drink lemon water

  56. angssecrets Says:

    Drink lots of green tea and water, exercise, and use a good moisturizer with high SPF!

  57. Cynthia Says:

    Just 1% retina cream. I don’t have any devices but I could really use this one. Wish me luck

  58. Minimeeh Says:

    i wash my face with just water so my skin isn’t striped of natural oils.

  59. rblack7 Says:

    WATER, WATER, AND MORE WATER! I also have a bunch of homade masque receipes.

  60. floridachick Says:

    I use a cream cleanser and I also try to exfoliate at least a few times a week. Plus sunglasses in daytime so no squinting, and lots of sunscreen too!

  61. Stacy Martin Says:

    I drink water all day long, wash,cleanes,and moisturize my face every morning and night. I also use eye serums, day moisturizers,and the same thing every night. But I use night time moisturizing creams. As for my lips, I make a little bit of honey and sugar and put it on my lips, rub them together for about 5 to 7 minutes.It makes my lips so soft. I use it to exfoliate them. I now have my mother,and my 3 daughters using it, not that they need to. They are 17,14, and 13. But I always say”ITS NEVER TOO SOON TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN”. I wish I would have had someone teaching me these things when I was younger.
    However I am lucky, as I got older I don’t have issues with breakouts,although my teenage daughters do. But I think that is pretty normal when your a teenager. I make sure that we all wash our faces every morning and every night.

  62. Stacy Martin Says:

    This is Stacy again,
    I just went through and read everything everyone has shared with all of us and I wanted to say THANK YOU! I know I will pass some of your ideas on and try them out myself. I do know how important sleep is, but it is sometimes really hard for me to get 5 or 6 hours of sleep in, I have 6 children and I have trouble sleeping.
    But I want to again say THINK YOU to all of you who have shared your home care, and give a SPECIAL THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to enter and a chance to win your ZENSATION SKIN REJUVENATING DEVICE.

  63. dfran157 Says:

    I exfoliate using coffee grounds and then moisturize my skin with coconut oil or Shea butter.

  64. Byrdy1999 Says:

    I use tea bags on my eyes

  65. Danielle Says:

    I do so many things! The foundation for my skin is obviously taking care of myself. I keep hydrated with water, sleep 8+ hours a night and work out consistently. As a bonus I apply a weekly glycolic acid mask.

  66. Marshadee2001 Says:

    Olive oil to soften skin

  67. lkats16 Says:

    I just follow a simple cleansing routine every day/night (cleanse, tone, moisturize).

  68. miriama59 Says:

    I drink a lot of water, get my rest, moisturize and do a mask weekly.

  69. Byrdy1999 Says:

    I also use cold water after I was my face

  70. Byrdy1999 Says:

    I also love to use a homemade sugar scrub i made

  71. jrclemon Says:

    I love using my facial cleanser with baking soda once a week for exfoliation! it’s great for sensitive skin, and works!

  72. elysek Says:

    I use an antioxidant, retinol, and sun screen.

  73. BarracudaRon Says:

    sex and sleep, plenty of both makes you look and feel younger

  74. windycindy Says:

    I use corn starch as a facial cleanser and it
    helps with less shine!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  75. star4eva Says:

    I don’t show any of the usual signs of aging (yet…), but I do deal with hyperpigmentation, so I do an alpha/beta peel on my face every 2 weeks.

  76. m0usie Says:

    I use virgin coconut oil as a face wash with the oil cleansing method. Keeps skin moisturized, bright, and plump. For an extra cleaning just add baking soda to exfoliate. Most importantly, drink plenty of water! I keep a pitcher of water with mint, cucumber and lemon in my fridge.

  77. kitkatlola Says:

    Wash my face daily, twice, and use a deep cleansing mask or scrub once a week. Cold potato slices help reduce puffiness when I have tired eyes. Always wear SPF..rain or shine

  78. amyalex Says:

    DIY vitamin c serum and lactic acid peels.

  79. Kat Says:

    I use an exfoliating mask weekly and a moisturizing mask 3x a week, cleanse 2x daily and use a SPF moisturizer in the daytime.

  80. leslieesquivel Says:

    I don’t have any devices YET, but I do blend my own cleansing oils using almond, castor, rosemary and lavender oils. In the summer I add coconut oil.

  81. patty Says:

    Preparation H Around the Eye to deminish Dark Circles and puffiness

  82. Susie Says:

    eye cream specifically made for eyes. Moisturize, mouisturize.

  83. kayenewman40 Says:

    I use a anti aging serum and I drink at least ten glasses of water a day. I also moisturize my face and neck twice a day.

  84. abbygabbie Says:

    I moisturize everyday & I drink lots of water to help my skin look healthy

  85. Ladii P Says:

    Water and and moisturize

  86. ginainohio Says:

    I use lemon juice and and sugar

  87. dixie0385 Says:

    I use a cleanser every morning and night, at night I also use a drying cream. I use Retinol and sunscreen everyday! I exfoliate mask about 2x a week and moisturize everyday! For my eyes I use a hydrating eye cream.

  88. magentaruby1 Says:

    I don’t smoke, and drink alot of water. I make sure to wash my face every night and moisturize in the winter. I have to skip the moisturizing routine due to my oily skin in the summer. Oh, and I exercise and that keeps the blood flowing.

  89. msbogwan Says:

    I like to use a baking soda and water paste to exfoliate my face once a week. Then I apply argan oil under my eyes to help rehydrate. Would love to try these natural products and especially the Rejuvenating light therapy!

  90. sandra Says:

    use a nice natural exfoliant. after that I use a natural moisturizer. Drink tons of water, and use a humidifier in the bedroom.

  91. intrigue1 Says:

    I use a homemade avocado mask at home to soften my skin.

  92. camoqueen Says:

    St. Ives Apricot daily scrub, concealer and some good rest!

  93. jgrjennyjj Says:

    eating healthy and good skin care:)

  94. Kayla T. Says:

    moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

  95. reeny44 Says:

    At least 8 hrs of sleep a night, I wake up with more youthful looking skin, I also drink a lot of water daily, and this may sound strange but DE-STRESS, the more stress you have in your life the more it shows on your face. Meditate & breathe, take time out for yourself:)

  96. shutterbugg711 Says:

    I go old school… A couple of slices of cucumbers on my eyes.

  97. lkats16 Says:

    Greek yogurt…I eat it and I apply it to my face as a facial mask once a week.

  98. Hira Says:

    Go natural, drink plenty of water, Fresh fruits and veggies, say no no to soap, exfoliate by using olive oil and brown sugar scrub. Use tomato and lime mask and their you have a glowing and younger looking skin. :)

  99. Lollipaup Says:

    Once a week I mix baking soda & water to make a paste. Gently rub on face to remove all the dull, dead skin then rinse. My face is baby butt soft after..and then I moisturize like crazy. Try it! You’ll be glowing!

  100. bethbilby Says:

    SkinCeuticals Redness Neutralizer. It helps get rid of the red blotchy areas on my face.

  101. 1amypugmire Says:

    I use anti angling skin care and I apply sunscreen to my face everyday before put on any makeup

  102. dirtysouthtootie Says:

    Exercising, eating healthy, and consuming more water in my body.

  103. oliveblonde14 Says:

    I use my Grandmother’s recipe for a sugar scrub to remove the old skin!

  104. sandra1504 Says:

    I drink plenty of water. Use Argon oil and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!!

  105. berri_cherri Says:

    I currentlt have picked up a clay mask hobby. I love it because it helps to clean the impurities out of my face, I also havebegun incorporating Raw African Black Soap. I also use the Olay Pro-X cleaning system!! Wonderful system!!

  106. durstslovepens Says:

    I use moisturizers, sunscreen and eat lots of veggies and drink plenty of water

  107. paula Says:

    the only home remedy I practice to look younger is get PLENTY of sleep and drink at least a gallon of water a day. Not sure if it helps with me appearance but it does help me keep up with the kids 😉

  108. irishgirltara Says:

    i try and take care of myself lol but 4 kids and working fulltime….well i usually forget about me….but i try to take one evening to chill out and relax in the tub…exfoliate and shave 😉

  109. trimal Says:

    I massage pure Argan Cleansing Oil on my face and neck (in a upwards manner) i take a warm face cloth and wash off the oil – then i fill up my sink with cold water and ice cubes – submerge my face in the water for 5 to 10 seconds and dry my face off – my skin is plump and glowing and soft – this really wakes up the clean.

  110. SusieGalvez Says:

    I always tell my clients…remember the 30(31) X 2 = Beautiful Skin Formula. Which is simply to cleanse, treat, and hydrate everyday of the month, twice a day. In the AM and in the PM. Simple and simply beautiful.

  111. Micho Says:

    What at-home remedy do you use to look younger?
    As an obsessive compulsive skin fiend, there is little that I have not tried, and that would be due to inability to fund, but so far in my 32 years (of my 46) of ‘research’ I have found that the most important things end up being plenty of sleep, staying well hydrated internally and externally, always washing off make-up before bed, and never sleeping on your stomach or side! Everything else we do to stay young will only work as well as we take care of the foundation of our skins health.

  112. marilyndj Says:


  113. ewalsh Says:

    Eating lots of vitamin c and a foods, and using vitamin c and e on my skin.

  114. BreKay Says:

    Once a week, I lightly steam my face to open my pores. I then cover my face with Pond’s cold cream and gently slough with sugar, wiping off with a warm wash cloth when done. I then take a warm shower and immediately apply olive oil to my face.

  115. eyewonit Says:

    I massage olive oil on my feet and leg!

  116. rhondahall Says:

    I’ve been trying various serums and creams with retinol.

  117. rudy46n2 Says:

    I put cucumbers on my eyes to help with puffiness

  118. nonstpcute Says:

    I mist with homemade tonic using aromatherapy essences and rosewater

  119. evrywoman Says:

    I use a mixture of Olive and Castor Oil a the cleansing method for my face. The results are fantastic!

  120. allison Says:

    I use vaseline on dry skin. It works great

  121. jmiranda181 Says:

    A cold spoon for under eye puffiness!

  122. natashia_reyes Says:

    drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and 6 hrs of sleep a day

  123. palmdalegirl Says:

    I use a Vitamin C daily moisturizer. I am in my 50’s, and II read that for a daily moisturizer,women my age should use a daily moisturizer with Vitamin C in it.

  124. palmdalegirl Says:

    My at home remedy for beauty is a little bit of olive oil on the ends of my hair.

  125. Delena Says:

    I have been experimenting with a variety of home remedies, as my budget has prevented me from purchasing expensive products. I exfoliate 2x a week with cooked oatmeal and a sugar scrub and moisturize at least twice a day!

  126. thekimbles99 Says:

    I am 33 years old and I still get carded at stores! I love it. I use avocado and banana on my face and hair once a week. I make sure that I only use gentle cleansers to wash my face every night. I also make sure that I wash my face before working out at the gym and right after.

  127. Not2Haute Says:

    I apply Peter Thomas Roth Retinol Fusion PM every single night to smooth fine lines and prevent pimples. I’ve just started using Avene “Eluage” Eye Contour Creme and saw results in FOUR days. In the morning, I apply Pro+Therapy antioxidant day cream before my SPF BB cream.
    @Not2Haute ~

  128. pamh Says:

    cleanser, toner, moisturize and use a mask 2-3 times a week

  129. lindasmaggie Says:

    I melt a little vaseline in my hand and apply it to moist skin.

  130. misaacmom Says:

    moisturize religiously!

  131. carmengo65 Says:

    I always use a homemade mask with egg and oatmeal once a week and also always drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep!!!

  132. TRAVELPORT Says:

    I make sure to use lots of moisturizer to keep my skin looking young and fresh…plus I try to use natural products at home for beauty routines. One I really like is olive oil for deep hair conditioning, it helps make my hair look shiny and youthful! A honey and yogurt mask is great for my face and neck area. There are many more and utilizing these are easy and cost effective…plus they are fun to try!

  133. madison422 Says:

    My grandmother swore by noxema and she had the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. I use it to this day because of her.

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