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11-19-12 | Posted by

Are you ready to do something about the dark spots, sun spots and uneven skin tone on your face? Then this Gorgeous Giveaway is for you. This week we have three Lumixyl Topical Brightening Systems (a $353 value!!!) to give to our lucky winners. The kit includes a 4-step brightening system plus Revitaleyes, which has been developed specially to treat dark circles around the eyes.

Unlike many brightening products, Lumixyl improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation without the irritation of hydroquinone or retinoids. Its secret is a skin brightening peptide called Decapeptide-12, which was developed by a team of dermatologic researchers from Stanford University. Clinically proven to lighten pigment in all skin types without irritation, the Lumixyl system addresses mild to moderate hyperpigmentation, including age spots, sun spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and melasma.

The 4-step system offered in this beauty giveaway includes:

Active-Prep Cleanser – antioxidants help combat the oxidative stress that triggers hyperpigmentation while the cleanser washes away dirt, oil, and makeup, and prepares the skin for the Lumixyl peptide.

Topical Brightening Cream – the core technology of the system, the cream delivers the patented Decapeptide-12, which has been clinically proven to regulate new melanin production without the risks associated with other skin brighteners.

GlycoPeel 10 – an exfoliating lotion with 10% glycolic acid that helps remove layers of hyperpigmented skin by encouraging your skin’s natural cell turnover process. Suitable for all skin types.

MoistureLock Sunscreen SPF 30 – provides dual layer sun protection without the white film of other physical sunscreens. Also contains SymHelios™ 1031 to fight the effects of UV on collagen and elastin.

As a bonus, this gift also contains Lumixyl Revitaleyes, the first and only eye cream formulated with Decapeptide-12 to correct dark circles, eye area lines and wrinkles, dryness, and inflammation.

Lumixyl is the only skin brightening system that is non-irritating or allergenic, non-toxic, safe for all skin types, safe for prolonged use, will not increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun, and offers a luxurious experience. The Lumixyl Topical Brightening System is available only through physician offices, so this is your chance to perfect your skin tone without the cost of a  doctor’s visit.


To Enter: What do you hate more, wrinkles or brown spots? And why?

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 11/19 at 11 AM EST
and ends 11/25 at 11 PM EST.



    Brown spots from sunbathing many years ago.

  2. alaina Says:

    omg!!!i so need this it would do a single mommi like me some good!

  3. alaina Says:

    i have never had any brown spots luckily but i hate wrinkles the most i am 33 so i am just now starting to see wrinkles and it is really urking me !!

  4. heathersweet Says:

    Wrinkles, they make me look older than I am.

  5. libby701 Says:

    I hate brown spots, because they can make your skin look dull and old.

  6. vickeigh Says:

    Ugh that’s a tough one! Currently I don’t really have wrinkles but since I’m entering my 30’s and after having children a crop of melasma has shown up on my cheeks!

  7. Says:

    I dislike both of them pretty much evenly. It seems each one accentuates the other and makes “growing old gracefully” like an obstacle course. I would love this giveaway for an opportunity in improving my overall appearance, as the little things add up to a whole lot when trying to look my best.

    Thank you,

  8. socoluver Says:

    I hate wrinkles so much more than dark spots because wrinkles are a lot harder to hide

  9. lovelions Says:

    I hate wrinkles because once you start getting them they don’t stop coming!!

  10. star4eva Says:

    Brown spots! Wrinkling is not going to be an issue for me (but saggy skin will…). I’ve won something before, but can I win again?! PLEASE?!?!?!? If I needed the concealer, you KNOW I need this!

  11. msbogwan Says:

    I hate brown spots more because they are more difficult to camouflage. Nothing is more youthful than smooth even toned skin. A few wrinkles don’t bother me but brown spots – yuck!

  12. sandollar Says:

    Wrinkles & fine lines are the worst because I know it’s my fault for laying in the sun too much in my 20’s & 30’s! :(

  13. frtsprt Says:

    I hate brown spots. They are too hard to cover up.

  14. ndfessman Says:

    Definitely brown spots. I feel like I have to put more makeup on to cover them up:) I also think they are hard to fade!

  15. frannie Says:

    I hate both, but hate the brown spots the most. I’m almost 40, and have always had some browns. Seems they got worse when I was pregnant, and I cant get rid of them! I think I’ve tried everything :(

  16. sandra Says:

    I hate the dark spots. People seem to notice those more, and they are hard to coverup with makeup. I have some that I have been trying to get rid of and cover up for a while now. I am so paranoid that people are staring at the spots.

  17. Eve101 Says:

    Wrinkles make you look tense and are worse when your skin is dry.

  18. gabriela Says:

    I believe wrinkles scares me the most;who doesnt like to look young.

  19. ladyboarder9669 Says:

    wrinkles can you cover dark spots and there are so many great creams and treatments you can use to lighten them!

  20. plcaselle Says:

    I hate both! Dark spots are starting to sneak up on me and really want to get rid of them.

  21. lisamcf Says:

    I hate both – but I guess wrinkles are worse – they really make me feel old

  22. SuzOH Says:

    Brown spots. I don’t have many wrinkles yet, but the brown spots bother me.

  23. LeslieDoser Says:

    Wrinkles! Brown spots are much easier to cover… If you try “covering” wrinkles it only makes them look more prominent. -Leslie


    Hate my wrinkles.

  25. missluckybreaks Says:

    I’d have to say brown spots b/c I don’t have too many wrinkles with my Asian skin!

  26. ginainohio Says:

    I think for me its a little bit of both

  27. wizardewu Says:

    Brown spots and uneven skin tone make me look older.

  28. collifornia Says:

    Brown spots.

  29. loozeybug Says:

    I don’t like either, but the brown spots on my face and body are the worst. They get bigger almost daily, and unlike my deep wrinkles which are totally annoying too, when your face and body are covered in ever growing brown spots like I have, you become really self concious because there’s only so much concealer you can layer on, and it rubs off throughout the day.

  30. mefink Says:

    I don’t have brown spots so it is the wrinkles that I don’t like.

  31. LORI Says:

    I think that brown spots are my biggest concern:(
    I don’t mind wrinkles as much because that is just a natural part of aging but I hate having brown spots or age spots because it makes me feel self conscious .

  32. driftwood220 Says:

    Wrinkles! Ugh! They are telling everyone my age! I hate them with a passion!

  33. dawnanolan Says:

    Brown spots! Wrinkles feel more natural to me…I don’t have many, and if I’m really feeling the need, there are several inexpensive “fillers” I’ve tried that make those I have far less noticeable. But nothing I’ve done affects my discolorations. ANd I’m a blusher, so they show up even more when I blush. I feel like they are actually more aging than fine lines. I’ve always had pretty good skin, and have never worn foundation…I’m 48, & I’d like to keep right on not wearing foundation! :^) Thanks so much for the opportunity.


    My brown spots could use this.

  35. loribroda Says:

    All those nasty brown spots from years of sunbathing.

  36. TLCraig Says:

    My wrinkles are not nearly as bothersome as my spots. My Grandson is always trying to get them off my face….I think he thinks grandma is wearing her food! If I could find a way to less these spots or even make them go away with out all the makeup, I would be thrilled!

  37. kellicbaker Says:

    For me it would have to be sun spots, puffy under eyes and wrinkles.

  38. rejina91 Says:

    I absolutely hate brown spot seems to make my skin look aged.

  39. kismetchris Says:

    I do pretty well treating the wrinkles, acceptable anyway. But the brown spots on the side of my face that gets sun when I am driving… I hate those and haven’t found anything that helps.

  40. wendey73 Says:

    I would have to say wrinkles brown spots you can usually just cover up with concealer and foundation.. And I use plenty of facial creams .

  41. tiffanysusanne Says:

    Wrinkles.I hate them and you can’t get rid of them like brown spots..Unless surgery.And I have one brown spot and it is easy to cover..You can not cover wrinkles and lines..

  42. dutkewych Says:

    HATE the brown spots!

  43. Vicki Says:

    The brown spots drive me crazy! Nothing covers them well. I am desperate for something that actually works. Don’t mind getting older, but at least want clear skin.

  44. fyrcracker Says:

    I have pretty good skin, even at 40 I only minor wrinkles that seem to plump pretty easily with the right product but OH… the brown spots from all of my fun in the sun in my 20’s and 30’s. I thought the sun was God like and worshiped it as such. Boy, I’m paying the price now!!!

  45. j3ngar Says:

    I have brown spots and some wrinkles that are starting to appear. I would like to see if this product helps! This would be wonderful to win!!

  46. windycindy Says:

    Neither brown spots or wrinkles are fun, but
    wrinkles bother me more! Short of any cosmetic
    procedure, I think they are harder to manage…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  47. lovelions Says:

    Wrinkles….because once you start getting them they don’t stop!!

  48. irishgirltara Says:

    i don’t like either….but i have freckles so i’m used to the spots lol….i don’t don’t don’t like the wrinkles i’m starting to get :( it’s sad

  49. meenatangy Says:

    I hate brown spots. I want to be able to go without makeup. I have longed for good skin since I was a teenager! I have brown spots already and absolutely dread the wrinkles!

  50. LT11 Says:

    Brown Spots, ugly, but can be easily covered up. Now for wrinkles, it took a lot to cause them, but takes a lot more (money) to make them go away. Make-up doesn’t hide wrinkles, and creams only diminish. So whats a girl to do?

  51. kb1959 Says:

    Wrinkles, they are harder to get rid of the spots.

  52. gibbonssarah77 Says:

    Brown spots are the worst for me. I think this affects people with an olive complexion more. I am half white and half korean and I get the worst brown spots from acne scarring. Its embarrassing and I have to wear far more concealer and foundation than i want to to cover it up. When I layer the makeup I then get more pimples, thus repeating the cycle over and over again. I want pretty skin and to wear less makeup. I am a very happy and confident person, but this (my face) is the one area that I am very unhappy with in my life!

  53. miriama59 Says:

    Wrinkles because they make me look older than I am.

  54. stacy194 Says:

    I hate wrinkles It makes me look old

  55. CKay Says:

    I don’t like either; but I think the brown spots are more difficult to hide.

  56. napoleon1 Says:

    since i don’t get wrinkles, i would say brown spots!

  57. georgann Says:

    Dark spots! They make my skin look so uneven.

  58. Jenn Says:

    Dark spots! I can never hide them

  59. carole312 Says:

    wrinkles are worse…cause I don’t have brown spots. Well, I do, but they are freckles and I like them. :)

  60. April Says:

    I don’t like either one but, if I have to choose one, I would have to say BROWN SPOTS!!! I started getting them and they are not easy to cover up and hide and they make my skin look horrible and uneven … :(

  61. ladyblueize Says:

    DARK SPOTS! They make your skin look old and ugly!

  62. MoonRae Says:

    Since I don’t have spots (yet anyway)I’d have to say wrinkles…
    I’m at an age I just want to slow down and prevent new ones


  63. Lanieluck Says:

    I hate wrinkles! They make me feel self conscious and are so hard to cover up! I think once you start to have skin insecurities it can really affect the way you feel about yourself!

  64. JJ Says:

    I hate brown spots more because mine are more noticeable than any wrinkles I might have.

  65. havensmommy26 Says:

    Brown Spots because they are more noticeable and make your face look older and unclean!


    My wrinkles seem to get worse with time.

  67. mnbrashear Says:

    I have spent so much money on skin care to get rid of dark spots, and nothing has worked. I’m noticing wrinkles around my eyes, nothing has worked on those either.

  68. cashenkc Says:

    I don’t have brown spots yet, but I do have some wrinkles and a whole lot of dry skin!

  69. Jenren89 Says:

    I would want to win this for my mom! She seems to hate wrinkles more than brown spots! She says she has an easier time concealing dark spots than she does wrinkles. She hates her deep wrinkles because they are positioned between her eyebrows and around her lips so she always looks tired/ upset — she says people get the wrong impression of her :( I love my mom and would love to surprise her with this gift!!!

  70. jala0228 Says:

    Wrinkles seem worse to me – brown spots are bad too though.

  71. leah Says:

    Wrinkles… Harder to hide under makeup!

  72. Windi88 Says:

    Wrinkles because I turned 30 and now I finally have them and I look old, don’t have brown spots yet!


    My wrinkles are an ingoing problem. Hope to win

  74. ivannawin Says:

    Since I’ve lived in FL for 90% of my life brown spots are my biggest skin enemy.

  75. alaina Says:

    I despise wrinkles. I am 33 and starting to show signs of them and all it is to me is a sign of aging and getting old I don’t have any brown spots at least not yet!! I am a single mom so can’t really spend on stuff to pamper me would love to have this gift to take some time out for myself. .

  76. alaina Says:

    I would love to win this!! Wrinkles for sure.

  77. dl8462000 Says:

    I hate those ugly brown spots,,,,

  78. shopalot Says:

    Wrinkles cause it’s harder to get rid of and conceal than brown spots!

  79. Cynthia Says:

    I hate wrinkles more. I use Retina A .1% for brown spots but I need help with my wrinkles. Really would love to win this.

  80. Cynthia Says:

    I hate wrinkles because they make me look old.

  81. mishamuse Says:

    I have wrinkles now, not brown spots. Just because I’m almost 50 doesn’t mean that I want to look like it.


    I hate my wrinkles. They truly show my age.

  83. ctakas Says:

    I hate my wrinkles and the stress of the last few years seems like it has really brought them on.

  84. Not2Haute Says:

    I only have fine lines around my eyes. So, it’s the spots everywhere else that steal the show.

  85. poordaddy Says:

    I hate the wrinkles. I don’t have many age spots but I do have wrinkles. Would love to win your products ! Thank you for the chance !!

  86. hellenmarley Says:

    I hate brown spots because it makes my face look dirty and I have to pile loads of makeup and concealer to make sure it looks decent. Without it, my face just looks uneven and it’s hard to feel confident.

  87. Byrdy1999 Says:

    I hate both…but wrinkles more. They are so much harder to cover up. I am fighting looking older with everything I have.

  88. emi3264 Says:

    Definitely brown spots since i do not have many wrinkles yet and brown spots leave me very blotchy.


    Brown spots are my worst enemy.

  90. NancysParadise Says:

    At 62 I wish the brown spots would fade away… the wrinkles would smooth and the loose skin would tighten. They are part of me at this moment and I love me too much to use the word hate about my skin…

  91. nananami Says:

    As a dermatologist I can tell you that hyperpigmentation is a tricky problem. Lumixyl addresses brown spots in a way that is safe and effective.

  92. Tammy Says:

    Wrinkles, they’re much harder to hide

  93. Pwilliams Says:

    wrinkles because they are more embarrassing.

  94. wendya Says:

    In my opinion, what is worse is hyper pigmentation or brown spots.
    I’m a school teacher and have had brown spots /hyper pigmentation
    after my second daughter. I have tried countless products
    but have not had success with anything. I constantly have
    my school kids question why my face looks dirty
    Or why I have dark spots in select facial areas.
    I’m so self conscious of my hyper pigmentation! I
    would love to win a Lumixyl kit in the hopes that
    These products will diminish my issue.

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