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05-11-15 | Posted by


Roloxin Lift Instant Skin Smoothing Masque is clinically proven to provide instant wrinkle and pore reduction and skin smoothness, lasting up to 24 hours after just one single 7-minute treatment. Each of these single-use facial treatments is like an instant facelift! In a clinical trial, 70% of women reported looking younger and an incredible 95% of women reports feeling more confident after application. We love this travel-friendly beauty pick me up and you will too. Available at nordstrom.com, spacenk.com, and netaporter.com





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  • Each facial treatment evens out skin tone, tightens and leaves skin noticeably younger.



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What is your go-to quick fix treatment when you’re getting ready to for a wedding, graduation or garden party?

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  1. jmiranda181 Says:

    Anything cool and moisturizing!

  2. babywendy Says:

    A fun lip gloss and some light powder

  3. magentaruby1 Says:

    I never used a mask before, would love to try it. My quick fix treatment would be to use toner. Depending on the season, I’d put on moisturizer/firm lotion or use nothing.

  4. collifornia Says:


  5. miriama59 Says:

    I have a clay mask that leaves my face fresh and invigorated..and I use a tinted moisturizer with SPF..covers about everything I need.

  6. Lisa_Blue32 Says:

    My go to would be Dr. G Actifirm a BB Cream with a Sunscreen SPF 30+ that Firms, Lifts, Wrinkle Care that reduces Fine Line and wrinkles and is an awesome Base -smooth, soft, light weight, and on occasion I might add a luminous lotion for an extra natural glow. And sadly, before anything a wig style of many to choose from due to severe traumatic brain injuries.
    For the past 8 months I have been using Korean products and doing all 100 steps because it promised all the same things, but the fine lines are still there and I haven’t had a confidence boost because I only leave my house once a month. Heck ya I would love to feel 20 years younger, this middle age crap is for the birds. They need to write a book to help you prepare for life over 40 and what to expect. Oh, sorry I went off topic.

  7. BarracudaRon Says:

    Quick shower, shave and hair gel… good to go!

  8. snowwite72 Says:

    Would love to try it if it really works

  9. Julianna2221 Says:

    I usually go for an airbrush tan. Makes me look good and I don’t have to worry about sun damage. I also keep my makeup in the fridge during summer. It goes on great and it doesn’t melt or change texture.

  10. jwkuan Says:

    I would put an aloe facial sheet mask. It refines my pores and give my skin moisture so that makeup will glide on nicely without caking.

  11. pamelab1 Says:

    Minimal makeup and dressed in something cool

  12. CKay Says:

    A little extra rest will fix a lot and a cool light compress over the eyes for a few minutes followed by a good moisturizer. I’ve never tried a mask before. This product sounds lovely.

  13. Jeanne1964 Says:

    I usually use oil of olay some blusher eye makeup and lip gloss.

  14. @n210ss Says:

    Moisturizing face and lip gloss/mascara!

  15. boofa29 Says:

    Exfoliate well and then moisturize well. I also have a PMD that I like to use. Following that treatment, I always use vitamin C and Hylaronic acid serum. That plumps up my wrinkles & fine lines. It’s great

  16. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    A tinted moisturizer and a spray of refreshing face mist!

  17. craigdw2 Says:

    My go to is simple: First, relax your mind from the worries of the day. Secondly, take a tub bath with your favorite essential oil. Thirdly, cleanse your face, and moisturize. Light a candle in your bathroom or dressing room and breathe deeply. Enjoy the moment and remember why you are doing this. Last of all, put a smile on your face and be thankful that you are alive.

  18. nikkibecker73 Says:

    Tinted moisturizer with SPF and lip gloss. Works every time!!

  19. njsunbunny Says:

    I like to use a mask the night before followed by a deep moisturizer so I’m ready to go the next day!

  20. fzuuji Says:

    My ultimate quick fix for any special occasion or just when my face needs a urgent pick me up and tightening I use Estée Lauder Idealist Dual-Action refinishing treatment. A type of micro-dermabration mask. I rub the fine exfoliating beads for 3-4 minutes evenly over my face, then I let it sit for 5 minutes. After washing it off, my face has a completely smooth texture, redness is reduced and my pores are almost completely unnoticeable. An expensive product but well worth it. I’d love to find an alternative.

  21. carolynishis Says:

    @Beautyinthebag #beautyinthebag just a moisturizer and lots of water to hydrate. Thank you for a chance!

  22. KirstenHolen Says:

    I do a coconut oil mask the night before!

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