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04-27-15 | Posted by


Eva Mendes, mommy, actress, singer, wife of Ryan Gosling, and designer has added CEO to her list. Mendes recently launched CIRCA, a new makeup line exclusively found at Walgreens. The range is a portfolio of cosmetics is like a the artistry of Sephora meets the affordable prices and accessibility of your neighborhood Walgreens. The line features 133 products; for the lips, eyes, and face, and the Hollywood glamour style black and gold packaging adds luxury inspired by timeless beauty and classic elegance.





This Gorgeous Giveaway includes these 3 amazing products – and we have 3 sets to give away: 

  • Picture Perfect Powder Blush in Flamenco Beach
    Enlivens the complexion, blends effortlessly, applies evenly, enhances the skin tone, and creates a natural-looking glow.
  • Color Absolute Velvet Luxe Lipstick in Ava
    This silky lipstick delivers intense color in a single swipe and it feels like velvet on your lips. It’s enriched with Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil to keep the lips moist and smooth.
  • Dual Focus Volumizing Mascara and Top Coat in Black
    A volumizing mascara and top coat in one. The fast drying mascara is enriched with Pro-Vitamin b5 to increase thickness, it also includes Avocado Oil to keep the lashes soft and luxurious.




RETAIL PRICE: Each 3 piece set is $34


What’s your desert island makeup product that you can’t leave the house without?

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  1. collifornia Says:


  2. pixiestixpet Says:

    My must have beauty product is a tinted sunscreen. It’s theBalm’s Balm Shelter SPF 18

  3. jmiranda181 Says:

    Rose salve!

  4. magentaruby1 Says:

    Definitely Sunscreen and lipbalm to protect the sensitive areas from the sun. 🙂 🙂

  5. @n210ss Says:


  6. Kat Says:

    My desert island make-up would be mascara. It serves my blonde eyelashes well. At least I don’t look washed out!

  7. cathlabkristi Says:

    Oh a desert items is def my face moisturizer. No drying out pleaseeeeee👎

  8. angel421x Says:

    BB cream with spf! Gotta protect my face from the desert island rays!

  9. openmind101 Says:

    I have to have my lip balm wherever I go!

  10. anita mitchell Says:

    Mascara in Blackest Black for me. Love it!

  11. andreama13 Says:

    I choose both mascara and eyeliner!

  12. gingerpye Says:


  13. mefink Says:

    My chapstick. Can’t leave home without it.

  14. martinam1952 Says:


  15. Felita1 Says:

    Definitely my lipstick! I can be on the island but my lips gone pop! Lol!

  16. vlovesfree Says:

    CC cream with spf and lipgloss!

  17. miriama59 Says:

    Lip balm!

  18. boofa29 Says:

    Chapstick & mascara definitely!! I’m obsessed w/keeping my lips moisturized anyways and if I was stranded on an island in the sun all day, I’d have to have it!

  19. ohheyam Says:

    My Desert Island product would definitely be cocoa butter! Cocoa butter with built-in SPF would protect my skin from the sun. Likewise, if I was feeling crafty, I could start a fire.. Then use the leftover char/ash to mix with the CB and fashion a smokey grey eyeshadow or eyeliner. It could double as a moisturizing lip tint if you mix it with some crushed berries (hoping that the island has berries!).

  20. pixiestixpet Says:

    Can’t live without my tinted SPF moisturizer!

  21. jwkuan Says:

    I will have to choose lipstick. I look like a ghost without it!

  22. laroyal06 Says:

    I would have to have my lipgloss!

  23. lisamcf Says:


  24. krisper1 Says:

    Lovin this #GORGEOUSGIVEAWAY❤️❤️ moisturizer or Chapstick is going to the most important item to have on a hot dry desert day ;). Thanks beauty in the bag😘

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