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12-24-12 | Posted by

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, this week’s Gorgeous Giveaway will help you create gorgeous hairstyles like a pro. We have two Limited Edition ghd Gloss Collection Stylers (a $185 value)—one in red and one in black—to give to our lucky winners.

Not just a hair straightener or a curling iron, the Styler creates curls, flicks, and waves, as well as straight styles. The styling plates are contoured with a high-gloss finish to glide through hair effortlessly and smoothly to provide extreme shine.

The Styler features ceramic heater technology so it heats up in less than 20 seconds. An 8’ swivel cord allows for easy styling so you’ll feel just like a pro. And there is a safety fail-safe: the heaters will automatically turn off if the Styler isn’t used for 30 minutes.

The black and red gloss finishes were inspired by the runway shows of leading designers like Dior, Celine, and Chanel, and are exclusively available at Ulta through January.

Useful, colorful, and on trend, The ghd Gloss Styler is a versatile hairstyling tool that is perfect for special occasions as well as work day dos. Plus it’s suitable for all hair types and lengths.

For more information about the Stylers, join the ghd North America conversation on Twitter and Facebook.


To Enter: Tell us your dream hairstyle for New Year’s Eve.

COMMENT post your response in the comment
section of this post


TWEET your response to @Beautyinthebag

*to be eligible to win!

*No purchase necessary. Open to US residents only. Contest begins 12/24 at 11 AM EST
and ends 12/30 at 11 PM EST.



    I want soft straight hair for New Years.

  2. collifornia Says:

    long loose big wavy curls.

  3. momo Says:

    My dream hairstyle would be waves. I have a bob and i really like the way waves look in short hair.

  4. shawna Says:

    I just cut my hair shorter with bangs and lots of layers. would love a full,voluminous wavy, loose curls for new years

  5. socoluver Says:

    50’s Hollywood Curls… New Years is definitely a time to be glam

  6. magentaruby1 Says:

    I’d like to add some curls to my hair. Now that it’s a bit shorter I think the curls would last.

  7. meenatangy Says:

    beautiful tight curls!!!!! that stay!!!

  8. pjbtmatt Says:

    Beautiful updo with a little bling added!

  9. Queen Tee Says:

    it would be nice to win this product for my natural straight hair to curl in a bob. Never used a GHD Gloss Styler but heard great things about it. Hope to win!

  10. xstitchalanna Says:

    I want a vintage retro 50s style curl look

  11. Christy Odonnell Says:

    Straight and shiny instead of extra curly and frizzy!

  12. cherie1629 Says:

    Loose beachy waves….

  13. AllThatShimmers Says:

    My dream hairstyle for New Year’s Eve is the one Selena Gomez has in this picture :)!!! It is SO GORGEOUS all wavy/curly/straight on top/alll messy and beachy looking and the braids make it look better and more amazing<3!!! I would LOVE LOVE LLLOOOVVVEEE to be able to wear my hair like this<3!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOO very much for the AMAZING giveaway I have been wanting a ghd since FOREVER<3!!! THANK YOU SO SO SOOOO VERY MUCH THIS IS SO KIND AND GENEROUS OF YOU :D!!!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND HAVE A VERY AMAZING HOLIDAYS AND AN AWESOME NEW YEAR:)!!!!!!! allthingsshimmery(at)gmail(dot)com:)

  14. koalaty Says:

    Bold, Glam, eye-catching and classic feminine

  15. vickeigh Says:

    Since my hair is bobbed I have always wanted to recreate a 1920’s style finger wave

  16. missluckybreaks Says:

    A half-up do with loose waves!

  17. porschepuppy Says:

    wavy loose curls


    Love to have soft waves & curls for the big night.

  19. lisalubrown Says:

    Up-do: Modern French Twist.

  20. mommydi1 Says:

    For new years I would love long, lustrous, luscious waves!

  21. labskita523 Says:

    I would love a soft curl or straight bouncy hair with no fly-aways or frizz. Merry Christmas!

  22. jeaniexox Says:

    My perfect hairstyle for new years eve would be to have perfect straight hair! I have naturally frizzy think coarse hair and its sooo hard to straighten and i can never straighten it with my crappy ‘ole straightener :(
    Amazing giveaway xox

  23. Stefaniex143 Says:

    I’d love a straight, sleek, volumized hairstyle w/bangs!

  24. DTryjada Says:

    My dream hairstyle for NYE would be long, big curls, teased up a little at the top for volume. I would love to win this product!! Thank you for the chance and Happy Holidays!


    Love an updo that is soft & glossy

  26. miriama59 Says:

    No frizz! I have no big wishes…these days I would just love to have hair that isn’t frizzing. :)

  27. patty Says:

    My hair is straight so long loose curls are my hair style of choice for New Years Eve

  28. Pwilliams Says:

    Long and wavy hair

  29. Felita1 Says:

    My dream hairstyle would be long wavy curls in the back and small fingerwaves in the front.

  30. jillieack Says:

    Lots of pin curls!

  31. raventally Says:

    I would love just a gorgeous updo!

  32. brittbeauty Says:

    I love wavy hairstyles. It’s a nice medium between stick straight and curly. I just wish it was easy to do. :(

  33. mefink Says:

    I want to have shiny hair. Mine is really thick and dull looking.

  34. mscrismommy Says:

    @Beautyinthebag i want long straight hair with bangs that just looks so natural without the fizz! like tjhis,r:7,s:0,i:112

  35. Byrdy1999 Says:

    I want to do soft waves to celebrate my hair growing out!!

  36. vawilkins Says:

    My dream hairstyle for new years eve would be bombshell waves. What better statement to say “I’m a star!” in the new year 😛

  37. goldilocks Says:

    Ooooohh!! I lingered over these at Ulta last week!! Excited to see a giveaway for them…I have naturally curly hair but love the straightened look. I’ve also been adoring the many updo’s on a certain social website…oh, to live in a society where women are always well coiffed! I especially like the intricate, curl-weaving for brides. So tempted to wear my hair like this year-round! Thanks for the bit of crank tonight!

  38. skeets902 Says:

    Just changed my color after being a blond for 49 years. Would love my new auburn hair to be straight, shiny with body in the crown. I know this gem would do that for me.

  39. dirtysouthtootie Says:

    I was thinking about a short and sassy cut going into the New Year 2013. Indeed however I am looking forward to change and growth so this would be a new beginning and a new start.


    I want sleek sassy hair for the big day

  41. weeziestoy Says:

    I would love an updo of somekind with pin curls hanging down…

  42. CathyM Says:

    A hairdo other than a clipped up ponytail, need some curls and sparkle.

  43. LT11 Says:

    Long beachy wavy loose defined curls, with little effort to create and maintain.

  44. hopelyons Says:

    My dream hair for NYE is about 6 inches longer, 3 shades blonder, and extremely big and bouncy!


    I want highlighted shiny hair for the day

  46. Kat Says:

    Glossy beachy waves

  47. ellen Says:

    sleek and straight

  48. agenevieve Says:

    Dream hair – soft waves in a messy ponytail, like so:
    + probably with a vintage sparkly pin in there somewhere!

  49. stacylkurtz Says:

    Would love loose waves for NYE.

  50. jmiranda181 Says:

    beachy waves with earmuffs because it is going to be cold!!

  51. kvieweg07 Says:

    I want straight, shiny frizz free hair!

  52. OhLaLaChrissy Says:

    I would love bouncy, soft waves!

  53. pixiestixpet Says:

    My hair is pretty long so I’d love to have soft, cascading waves. I don’t own a curling iron or a flat iron so I’ve never been able to achieve this look on my own.

  54. alonso2904 Says:

    Loose sexy curls!

  55. libby701 Says:

    The plan for New Year’s Eve is loose, messy updo, long sideswept bangs with strategically pulled loose wispy strands of hair, lol!

  56. tkp1962 Says:

    Soft romantic curls.


    This glosser would be perfect for straight soft curls for the party.

  58. billie2196 Says:

    would love to have curls all over.. sassy looking

  59. suecruz Says:

    Short Sexy & sassy !!

  60. tempdeb Says:

    Anything that is sleek, smooth and SHINY!

  61. priyankarastogi Says:

    I have long wavy hair so I would love to try something new most likely updo with loose curls in the bottom for a change! =)

  62. brendabrantley Says:

    spiral curls soft.

  63. Christina Says:

    I would want an up do with shiny, loose curls everywhere. I have really thick natural wavy long hair with is actually really pretty so I would also like to have it styled down with soft loose messy curls and maybe just the sides pulled back and I would love for it to be shiny and for it to stay in place. I am the sparkle queen so of course it has to have sparkle in it just like my skin. A new year, a new you, and new shiny hair! What a great beginning to a new year.

  64. nicholemhenson Says:

    I would love a beautiful retro/ updo

  65. melaniemb Says:

    No Frizz and lots of volume!

  66. prettylilly326 Says:

    I’d love to have my long hair ombre, straight with lots of shine, with big curls at the bottom!!

  67. teetee30 Says:

    Spiral curl up-do adored with rhinestone hair accessories.

  68. dragonfly777 Says:

    An updo with loose beachy hair and a couple of sparkly pins :)

  69. Sabeeta Says:

    i would just like some soft curls..

  70. TamiMoore Says:

    Soft Curls…..

  71. auntiebb Says:

    Soft romantic curls…

  72. julie128 Says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve had my eye on this straightener for a while :) My NYE dream hair style is bouncy, loose curls that last all night. No curl deflation.



  73. beraloves Says:

    I would love to have the sexy soft curls! I love it but never found any hair tools to complete the curls.

  74. shel704 Says:

    I want a full head of soft ringy curls held back on one side with a sparkling clip.

  75. kalei77 Says:

    I would love to have this hair style so I would love to have straighten iron to do my hair.


    I want no more frizz.

  77. Roni216 Says:

    Sexy sleek shiny straight hair!!! Happy New Year Everyone!!!

  78. coolbeans Says:

    I have chin length highlited hair.Would love a shiny, sophisticated hairstyle for New Year’s to really wow them!! Happy New Year’s!

  79. ROEBUD07 Says:


  80. GarnCap61 Says:

    I want my hair to look healthy and have volume at the crown. Maybe a half up-do.

  81. JK8675309 Says:

    I want a Long straightened fishtail braid, My hair is Long and curly id love a Beautiful Braid after straitening

  82. shopalot Says:

    Soft, beachy waves

  83. AngelicEmbers Says:

    My dream hair style for New Years is soft, shiny and very wavy but pinned up on the front sides with sparkly clips.

  84. 3carolyn Says:

    Happy New Year! Down and straight and shiny :)

  85. girlygirl Says:

    For New Years Eve, I want my naturally curly hair to be straight!

  86. amydwill1982 Says:

    I want a beautiful blowout that stays all night!

  87. vlinder Says:

    Straight, healthy and shiny :)

  88. brenda65 Says:

    I want a fun party look, yet a straighter, shinier and more manageable do..hope I win..

  89. Jen H Says:

    Long, straight on top, with big curls at the bottom

  90. sdpinkin13 Says:

    I would love to have soft curls that will stay in place as I have long very fine hair. that won’t keep a curl..

  91. jociwilliams Says:

    would love a perfect updo!!

  92. sandollar Says:

    A loose braid.

  93. redgirl Says:

    I love, love, soft, loose, curls- on my red locks!

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