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Posted by 02.15.09


YSL OMBRES 5 LUMIERES – The best colorations in this elegant range of eye color compacts are Indian Pink (mauvey, pink tones that look great on light skin and green or blue eyes), and Sahara (tawny, neutral soft tan and desert shades), and Tawny which is similar to Sahara but more yellow than pink undertones. They blend gorgeously, stay on well, and the YSL gold compact is pure luxury. Use them alone or mix them up for variety. These compacts can also double for highlighters and blush. I would avoid the Lilac and Rivieraย  which are really bold,ย and not suitedย for everyone, unless you are into brights.

FINAL VERDICT: GGI (Gotta Get It) – A splurge at $56, but that is for 5 shades.ย  You can save a little if you buy it at Duty Free shops. Looks beautiful on your lids, so I highly recommend it.

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  1. TWA Says:

    I love this too – brings out the green in my eyes…LOL (yeah mom, I used it)

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