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Meet the Youth Protector

Dr. Imber is known for his philosophy of prevention, maintenance and correction, specifically relating to caring for skin on a daily basis to prevent the loss of radiance and firmness that tend to accompany aging. He also developed many of the today’s most popular procedures, including the Limited Incision Facelift Technique, or Short Scar Lift, the S-Lift, microsuction, and modified male facelifts. His pursuit of a natural result with the least invasive options possible in each patient scenario is a cornerstone of his practice. His latest book, The New Youth Corridor, is available on October 26th.

www.drimber.com; www.youthcorridor.com

How is the Limited Incision Facelift different than other anti-aging surgical techniques?  What led you to develop the Limited Incision Facelift?

Limited Incision facelift Technique totally eliminates incisions (and scars) in the scalp and behind the ear. With the Limited Incision Facelift Technique there is no “high sideburn” distortion and one can wear one’s hair up without worrying about a tell-tale scar. I developed the procedure because I was repelled by the un-natural look and extensive scarring from traditional facelift techniques. The L.I.F.T. is also appropriate for a younger age group with a loss of elasticity rather than a web of wrinkles.

Your philosophy revolves around preventing, maintaining and correcting.  What actionable items can women in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s implement to stop the aging process?

Sun block, skin care, antioxidants, stable weight, exercise and treating early wrinkles and folds before they become etched into the skin. Topical skin care is crucial, but small procedures and fillers will be necessary in most cases.

Your new book, “The New Youth Corridor” is now on Barnes and Noble bookshelves. How is it different than its predecessor?

The difference is the decade of progress since the initial edition.

In the book, you mention that women don’t have to look any different from 35 – 55.  From a surgical perspective, does this call for small procedures? Or are there topical applications that can delay aging?

The Youth Corridor is that period of adult life when one looks their healthy, youthful best, I believe that diligent daily care can help retain the firmness, radiance and overall beauty of the skin, while self help and small procedures done earlier can stop the clock. The Youth Corridor often calls for small procedures.  Other things to keep in mind which are fully addressed in the new book:

·         How running can make you look older

·         Why it’s never too late to start and which small changes can make the most impact on your appearance

·         The newest breakthrough in anti-aging (melatonin combined with Vitamins C & E, the core of my new anti-aging regimen)

·         Which non- and minimally-invasive treatments have the highest return (cost vs results)

How is your product line, Youth Corridor, different than what already exits on the market?

The natural antioxidant melatonin greatly increases the ability of vitamin C to penetrate the skin and rescue collagen from free radical damage. Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost is the first product to make use of this science.

Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum is the only high concentration vitamin C and E serum combined with melatonin, which acts to increase absorption and antioxidant synergy. The additional products were developed to complement the action of BOOST for complete care.

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