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Posted by 10.12.08



As with most of Bliss products, a cute name but no substance here. These gloves have been around for years, and the original version can be found in a catalog of silicone gel based products used for foot problems. They aren’t turquoise and they are far from glam, but they are the exact same thing….The gel inside feels like something that a 3rd grader may give his teacher to scare her half to death in the form of a snake or a bug. It’s gooey and feels wet and clammy when the gloves are on. Yuck!

FINAL VERDICT – SAVE YOUR CASH (SYC) – You may end up using these a few times at most, and then they will end up in a drawer and you’ll forget all about them. Not worth the $48! Buy a pair of cheap cotton gloves, rub your hands with cream, and the results will be the same.

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