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01-03-10 | Posted by

Dr Fisher Headshot

Meet the Beverly Hills Plastic

As the first doctor selected for the “Extreme Makeover” series on ABC, Dr. Garth Fisher is no stranger to celebrity. Many of the clients in his Beverly Hills Practice include big name entertainers and business executives. This year he branched out as co-founder of cosmeceuticals company CellCeuticals Skin Care, Inc., and developed a premium 5-product skin care collection under the CellCeuticals Biomedical Skin Treatments brand. Dr. Fisher is Director of the Biomedical Skin Treatment Institute in Beverly Hills, CA.


How does your “Extreme Makeover” experience compare with your daily experience in practice?

Extreme Makeover was filmed as part of the innovative and pioneering plastic surgery “reality” television series.  I was honored and thrilled to be the original surgeon in this historic process which broadened awareness of my profession in a very sensitive, credible, and authoritative manner.  The Makeover patients were not the typical plastic surgical consumer, but people whose lives were transformed in ways otherwise unavailable to them.  My clientele are individuals who come from a different set of personal experiences and many from an international celebrity and business community.  While the selection of the surgical procedures was very similar, whether in the Makeover series or in my private practice, the pressures associated with television production and the cast and crew interaction were quite different.  It was incredibly fulfilling for me to participate in such a rewarding service for individuals who are so deserving and appreciative yet do not have the means to fulfill these dreams on their own.

Practicing in Beverly Hills, do you have a very specific kind of client?

I am fortunate to have a very well educated, informed and international clientele.  I definitely have my share of celebrity and high end clientele, but those who sustain and nurture my practice are the same loyal patient base that have remained a constant in my professional life for over twenty years.

What is the evolution of the CellCeuticals Skin Care line?

As a plastic surgeon I understand that all consumers are not candidates for plastic surgery.  I wanted to independently seek out new advances in skin treatments that would provide an alternative to surgery alone.  Numerous well branded companies sought me out to lend my name to a product simply to gain a marketing advantage by using my professional status; but I wanted something special!  I wanted to genuinely develop a scientifically validated line based on truly innovative technology.  I teamed with beauty industry veteran Paul Scott Premo and we combined our extensive expertise and experience to create CellCeuticals® Biomedical Skin Treatments: a revolutionary system that integrates the latest advances in biotechnology and medical science into bio-treatments that target the underlying source of cellular skin aging and help re-create visibly younger skin. CellCeuticals Biomedical Skin Treatments are the culmination of over 15 years of protein and DNA research. These revolutionary skin treatments have been formulated with the exclusive and patent pending Growth Factor Peptide (GFPä) Cellular Complex, which combines advanced lipopeptides, retinol and antioxidants in a proprietary nanoemulsion delivery system that targets skin aging at the cellular level.  The result: Skin not only looks younger, but also behaves like younger skin.

Tell us about your DVD series “The Naked Truth about Plastic Surgery.”

I produced this award-winning 6-part series of informational video tapes about plastic surgery in 2003.  My goal was to create the most comprehensive source of information regarding plastic surgery procedures so that consumers would be better informed about the associated risks, benefits and alternatives when choosing surgery.  These videos include invaluable information as well as my very candid views and personal advice regarding the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures.  This DVD series (including the Naked Truth about Anesthesia) provides almost 10 hours of unique and essential information for those considering plastic surgery.  In my experience, it has guided as many people away from surgery as towards it, by simply clarifying ones goals! In the end, my purpose has been accomplished by educating consumers who can then ultimately make their own best choices!

How has the face of cosmetic surgery changed recently, in terms of what you are seeing and hearing from your patients?

This is an exciting time of innovation and technology, which I welcome with joy and slight trepidation.  Unfortunately, marketing styles and techniques have expanded faster than the technology.  This creates an enhanced need for ethical plastic surgeons to educate their patients even more carefully and spend increased time reinforcing realistic expectations.  Improvements in laser and implant technology, skin care formulations, tissue injectibles and other innovations are rapidly gaining consumer credibility.  While our anatomy has not changed, methods used to modify it have undergone significant transformations.  Additionally, patients have an elevated plastic surgery IQ in today’s consumer population.   Many patients will want to look for a minimally invasive procedure that provides high quality and long lasting results.  Sometimes these roads do not intersect and perceived “short-cuts” are detrimental.  Open and honest communication is essential to establish a knowledgeable and sophisticated consumer.

Which procedures are most in demand in your practice? Does this differ greatly by age/gender?

Our Biomedical Skin Treatment Institute® is busy providing a variety of comprehensive and complex medical treatments designed to optimize the health and restoration of skin.  Included are peels, laser applications and proprietary skin care formulations.  Tissue injectibles are consistently the most commonly performed plastic surgical procedures.  My surgical practice is mainly focused on facial rejuvenation and facelift surgery, breast surgery and nasal surgery.  Having been in practice for 20 years, I have developed a reputation for performing complex and complicated corrective surgery.

Males are feeling more comfortable with plastic surgery and often request facelifts, eyelid surgery and liposuction.  Females continue to direct their attention to surgical procedures that will make them look better and feel more confident!

Any cosmetic surgery or beauty-related predictions for the New Year?

I think there is a definite trend toward increasing the base of the male consumer for beauty products and plastic surgery.  I think we will see this continue and become much more visible.  CellCeuticals has some products in the pipeline that will be very exciting in 2010 as well!  I also am privy to technology and treatments that may finally provide enduring help for cellulite!

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