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Posted by 03.01.09


LANCOME CILS BOOSTER XL – Last foundation to pump up and extend lashes. Thick and white so if youΒ are Β not good with spackle may not be the product for you. Having said that apllied correctly with black/brown mascara on top lashes do look fuller and thicker. Best for evening , clubbing and when lights are low for a more natural look.Β 

FINAL VERDICT: ICW [ IT CAN WAIT ] – During these economic times I prefer a mascara that can be worn day and nite for a more natural look.

4 Responses to “FLIRT AWAY”

  1. MWC Says:

    Agree totally. Clumpy and makes lashes look a little spidery, but does add length.

  2. Bonnita Says:

    Loreal makes the same exact thing – and it’s half the price or less. check your drugstore

  3. TWA Says:

    Agreed. My regular mascara didnt cover up the white paste – so I wouldnt use it again.

  4. wewritealot Says:

    You guys are using too much. It works better if you just do one coat, let it dry quick, and then put on mascara.

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