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05-25-09 | Posted by

We asked you to name the weirdest place you would ever have a filler injection (like Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and others)

Read on to see the responses we got…

  • Saggy earlobes that resemble wrinkled raisins
  • Inverted nipples to make them look more projected
  • Lateral (outer) brows to lift up the eyebrows
  • Bridge of the nose to fill in defects, and camouflage a hump
  • Soles of the feet to add extra cushioning in heels
  • Philtrim (the double curves that connect the tip of the nose to the cupid’s bow of your upper lip)
  • Lines in front of the ears
  • Wrinkled, shriveling knuckles
  • Deep grooves in the cleavage


Hmmmm…Not one response relating to private parts….so much for the argument that every woman wants it.

Our favorite novel use for dermal fillers is to fill in a defect after Mohs Surgery for skin cancer, which can really help to smooth out areas to save you from more skin grafts!

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