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Posted by 05.02.09


BENEFIT BENETINT – I discovered Benetint about 3 or so years ago and never looked back.  I tend to have oily skin and large pores, so blush never lasts on me and makes my pores look more pronounced.  Benetint is an amazing liquid cheek tint that lasts all day without a touch-up, seriously!  The best part is, it makes my pores less visible and doesn’t wear off after a few hours.  It’s still there after work!  Once you figure out how best to apply it, and you get past the fact that your finger stays red for a few hours after application, or that it spills a few drops on the bathroom sink, floor, etc., you’ll get addicted to the pretty pink cheeks you get from Benetint.  I love the fresh, healthy glow, like you just took a long run on the treadmill or flew down the bunny slope. 

FINAL VERDICT – RDW (RUN DON’T WALK) – Run for this one – do not walk.  Benetint is one of Benefit’s best-sellers and for great reason.  IT ROCKS!


  1. admin Says:

    Whenever my lips get chapped something very strange happens…they grow and become plumper and fuller and turn the most unbelievable shade of red…not quite a blood red, but more of a wine colored deep red. I always have people asking me, “Are you wearing lipstick and if so, what kind is it?” Yet, I just have chapped lips! I have been on a constant search to find a lip color that gives me the same feeling and one day I stumbled across Benefit Benetint cheek and lip stain. The liquid is administered on a nail-polish like brush leaving your lips kiss-proof, waterproof and gorgeous. The sheer tint that comes from this bottle of joy gives an innocent, subtle glow that makes lips look naturally red. Not only can this product be used for the lips, it is also great for your cheeks. Just a dab on each cheek gently smudged in will give your cheeks that beautiful, natural flush like color you receive as if you just came inside from a nice cold winter day. By far the most realistic flush you can receive from a bottle!
    ~Arianna Gold

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