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07-04-09 | Posted by



With all the skincare offerings available, and each one claiming to be better then the next, it may start to feel like, as Monk would say “It’s a jungle out there”! Before venturing into the beauty jungle you need to correctly identify what your skin concern is.

By this I do not mean Oily, Dry or Combination. There are 6 major skin concerns:

  1. Acne/Problem
  2. Sensitive/Allergic
  3. Hyperpigmentation/Dark Spots
  4. Environmentally Damaged
  5. Cellular Degeneration
  6. Scars/Stretch Marks

You can have any one of these concerns with oily, dry or combination skin, which is why I really don’t get the oily, dry, combination skin concept we have bought into for decades. Once you have identified your major concern ( most of us have more then one, but take one at a time) you are ready to go shopping.

I really love the Sephora concept as opposed to the traditional dept store. Sephora takes the time to really train their beauty cast members and they are knowledgeable about every brand in the store. They do not sell on commission so they have your best interest in mind and they can sell you ANY brand or a combo of several brands. Traditional dept stores are brand loyal by counter so hard to get a really good over view of what is available in the market for your skin concern.

If you don’t know what your skin concern is; a Sephora cast member can help you. LOVE THAT STORE!  http://www.sephora.com

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