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Posted by 02.15.09


TNS ESSENTIAL SERUM – An innovative dual chamber with TNS growth factor serum on one side, plus a potent combination cream containing antioxidants and peptides  in the other chamber. Together they work magic to rejuvenate your skin. If you have already been converted to a TNS afficionado, this is the super luxe version of the original patented formula. It will lighten and brighten your complexion, and reverse sun damage. Use once or twice daily – one pump of the two formulas (red serum and white cream) can be mixed with your fingertips on the back of your hand before applying to the face.

FINAL VERDICT – RDW (Run Dont Walk) – If you can only invest in one anti-aging cosmeceutical, let this be your one and only.


  1. gorgeousgals Says:

    Hey girls. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Skinmedica – I get it at my plastic surgeon’s office – but this new TNS Serum is really expensive. They charge $250! Is it worth it? Im not sure cause I already have the original TNS and use that.

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