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Posted by 02.26.09


OJON ® RUB-OUT™ DRY CLEANSER – I try not to wash my hair every day.  Not only is it not good for one’s hair, I am also too lazy.  I of course don’t blow dry, but I still don’t always want to be walking out of the house with sopping wet hair.  I had seen the “dry shampoos” before and tried them, but I always ended up with a whole bunch of white powder on the floor, on my clothes, and my hair still didn’t feel “clean”.  Then I discovered the Ojon dry cleanser.  The whole Ojon line of hair care products has some pretty good stuff in it (and smells great), but the dry cleanser is my favourite.  It is in spray form (sort of like hair spray, but I haven’t used that for years either – see a trend? J) – you just spray it through your hair, rub your scalp and then brush your hair.  This product gives you an extra day before you have to shampoo again.
FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – It is really great if you go to the gym at lunch, or want to stretch out a blow out – not that I have those either!


  1. emmababe Says:

    I tried dry shampoo once ages ago but this one sounds like they finally got it right. Thanks!

  2. emmababe Says:

    I tried dry shampoo once ages ago but this one sounds like they finally got it right. Thanks!

  3. betteboop Says:

    I can go 2 days without washing my hair but on the third day…well lets just say you might see my hair pulled back or stuffed under a hat.

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