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03-10-09 | Posted by

superstock_1491r-10722631 WHAT INGREDIENTS WORK BEST ON REALLY DRY SKIN? You may not like my answer – but mineral oil, petrolatum and any ingredient that maximizes the retention of water in the skin is best for super dry skin. Of course before applying your skin needs to be hydrated. All produscts for dry skin work in two ways; to help to prevent water loss from the skin, and to help to attract water molecules to the skin. Urea is the most well known for attracting water to the skin along with hyaluronic acid. If you body is very dry, flaky and itchy, take an oatmeal bath or use essential oils in the tub. Avoid very hot water for showering and bathing too. Use an emollient oil based body cream when skin is still damp. Also stay away from dry heat, and wear daily sun protection of SPF30 to protect dry, dehydrated skin from getting burned.

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