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02-11-17 | Posted by

Dr. Oz –yes, that Dr. Oz – recently surprised a room packed full of health and beauty bloggers and editors who were attending an event sponsored by the Global Wellness Institute in New York City.

The summit, hosted at the uberhip Steelcase building near the Time Warner Center, highlighted such healthful trends as wellness tourism, lifestyle real estate and all things beauty, fitness and sleep– all subjects which America’s favorite doctor is extremely well versed.

He was pretty hyped up about sleep or lack thereof on this particular snowy AM. Dr. Oz reported deets from the Great American Sleep Survey which tracked sleep among 20,000 people — totaling 1.5 million nights of sleep. The telltale data was accrued using a super-smart sleep tracker — S+ Sleep Monitor by ResMed.

Credit: Bed, Bath & Beyond

“Sleep has been underappreciated,” he says. “Most people only get advice from a sleep lab– which is far from ideal,” says Dr. Mehmet Oz of the Dr. Oz Show.

When you don’t sleep, you crave carbs which increases risk of obesity, diabetes and early death, the surgeon-turned-TV-star warns.

And, by and large, American rarely get enough zzz’s…

Fully 70 percent of Americans sleep less than 7 hours per night, and men get less sleep than women. In America, 77/100 is the average sleep score, and 35 percent of us fall below 55. “That’s failing.”

He also debunked some sleep myths. New York City is often called the city that never sleeps, bur Manhattanites go to bed earlier than their counterparts in Los Angeles. Las Vegas denizens, however, go to bed about 30 minutes earlier than New Yorkers.

And, big shock here, the 2016 Presidential election also screwed with our collective sleep. “The night of the election was the worst sleep day ever recorded,” he says. “These bad sleep habits persisted on the two coasts for quite a long time.”

So what can be done to get more sleep and improve our health and well-being?

Lots, he says. “Mattresses make a 20 minute sleep difference on average.” This means that buying a new mattress is an important decision.

And, he says, just tracking your sleep leads to more hours. For example, the new sleep tracking technology can detect stress in your voice, he says.”If you talk to your mom at night and it’s stressful, the device can detect the change in voice that leads to a sleep problem,” he says. “All I have to do is call people and I have that data.” Note to self: Don’t call mom before bed.

A nightcap or two may also help the cause. Alcohol use gets a bad rap when it comes to sleep, he says “There is nothing healthier than laughing and gossiping –and alcohol is connected to that.”