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Posted by 01.24.09



OLAY REGENERIST MICRO SCULPTING CREAM – Over 35 yet? No worries. For under $30 bucks you can turn the clock back. Olay Regenerist has done it again – with a potent elite cream that comes in that gorgeous ruby red jar. Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream is a winner for dry, lined and tired complexions. The texture is lovely for the price, much better than you would expect from any drugstore cream, and the peptide complex delivers a flawless treatment that skin soaks up. If you need to cut back due to pocketbook anxieties – and who doesn’t these days – the Regenerist range is a great way to go. Strivectin costs $145 yet you can get the same key ingredient, PAL KTTS or pentapeptides, for a fraction of the price at your local drugstore.

FINAL VERDICT: BOB (Bail Out Beauty) -So fabulous you have to get one.  In fact, get two of them!





10 Responses to “DITCH A DECADE”

  1. emmababe Says:

    I am way more than 35 and I used to swear by Creme de la Mer. My daughter bought the Regenerist MS Cream for me and I never looked back. The cheapest I found it was at Walmart and it makes my skin feel really smooth and soft.

  2. cleo456 Says:

    AMAZING stuff! I use the whole Regenerist range. This really works. BEAUTIFUL BLOG. Write more please.

  3. Olay Face Skin Care Says:

    I don’t mean to be too in your face, but I’m not sure I agree with this. Anyhow, thanks for sharing and I think I’ll come to this blog more often.

  4. Schlauchboot Says:

    Hey! I like your post “Ditch A Decade” so well that I like to ask you whether I should translate into German and linking back. Answer welcome. Greetings Schlauchboot

  5. Julie Says:

    Hello webmaster. Ditch A Decade was very well written.

  6. roappoike Says:

    Hi! Wonderful site! Great job! Hope this helps. Happy holidays!

  7. alex Says:

    Add to my Bookmarks 😉

  8. Bill Says:

    Hi there You did a great job with this blog. I loved Ditch A Decade

  9. exigueSib Says:

    Hi! Wonderful site! Great job! Happy holidays!

  10. betteboop Says:

    Im way too young for this, LOL, but the Regenerist eye serum is great stuff too. love ya

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