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07-04-10 | Posted by

Meet the Derm Spokesperson

With the 10% indoor tanning tax having gone into effect this week, we thought we’d bring you an expert opinion on skincare. Dr. Jaliman is an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and a media spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology. Additionally, she wrote a chapter titled “Skin and Hair” in Women’s Health For Life. Another fun fact: In addition to her numerous media and television appearances, Dr. Jaliman was chosen as the first dermatologic spokesperson for the debut of “Getting Healthy” on the Television Food Network.


When did you develop your passion for skincare?

When I was a kid growing up I had problematic skin and spent a lot of time with a dermatologist. My skin was sensitive and would get red and splotchy but would also break out with acne. It was a very difficult combination, so you can see why I wanted to be a dermatologist.

You are a major proponent of the tanning tax. Why is this issue so important to you? What do you think the long term effects of the tax will be?

I really believe in the tanning tax because I think indoor tanning is bad for the skin. The outdoor sun is bad enough because it damages the skin; but indoor tanning contains mostly UVA rays which penetrate deeply into the skin. These rays damage the collagen and elastic tissue which results in premature aging. UVA rays also ruin your pigment and make your skin tone uneven and most importantly increase your chances of getting melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. In fact, it increases your chances by 75 percent. Hopefully, the tax will act as a deterrent for people going into tanning beds, especially teenagers who don’t realize the long term risks and dangers.

Aside from too much sun exposure, what are other common mistakes women make in their skincare routines?

Common mistakes women make is to go to a beauty counter and let a salesperson evaluate their skin. I know that I’ve been told that I have dry skin, when in fact I have oily skin. They are trained salespeople, not trained dermatologists and often recommend the wrong products. The other thing is people will try a new skin care regimen and will use the wrong products or overuse them, causing redness and irritation. People wrongly think that excessive use will get you better results.

Is there a link between diet and skin conditions such as acne?

There are studies linking dairy consumption with acne, as well as foods with a high glycemic index, for example refined carbohydrates or other junk foods like pizza, donuts, etc. I have seen this correlation in my practice.

What about external factors, like air pollution?

Air pollution can definitely aggravate acne. I have certainly seen people from a clean environment move to a polluted environment and have acne flares.

Tell us about the Jaliman MD skincare line. Which products are your favorites?

My favorite products from Jaliman MD Skincare Line are Skin Booster and Alpha Plus Pads. Skin Booster, is a topical retinol with hyaluronic acid and green tea. In the past, patients have often complained about using retinol because it would make their skin peel and would cause redness. I find Skin Booster gentle yet effective. The other one I can’t seem to be without is Alpha Plus Pads; with one wipe of the pad you get rid of both oil and bacteria. It really makes the skin glow; it’s a combination of salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

Do you have a strict beauty regimen or do you mix it up each day?

I have a very strict beauty regimen unless it’s been a very long day, in which case I just go to sleep. I always use a mild cleanser to wash my face and I apply it on with a cotton pad. Then I either use toner or an Alpha Plus Pad to get rid of oil or dead skin. Hydrating serum goes on next, which is a combination of green tea and hyaluronic acid. It’s great for moisture without clogging the pores. Additionally, tinted sunscreen is an absolute must. Chantecaille tinted moisturizer is a favorite and a dusting of ColorScience SPF 30 powder block. At night, I use mild cleanser and Skin Booster retinol cream.

Are you very brand loyal?

I am brand loyal to a certain extent. I love Chanel lipgloss and have been using it for years. But I am always willing to test new products when suggested and if a new technology comes along I’m certainly willing to try it.

Do you shop across mass/class?

I love to mix it up and I’ll never forget the time I was buying a Chanel skirt and everyone in the store kept asking me where I bought my cute stretchy black top. I was mortified because I had purchased it at the Price Club for about four dollars. This was ten years ago before people did “cheap shop”. Now it’s a popular trend, back then it wasn’t. So now I certainly have no qualms about combining Prada or Bottega with H&M.

Do you think the price of a product reflects the quality, or should consumers be looking at something very specific when making product decisions?

The price of a product doesn’t always reflect the quality. It really depends, you can sometimes find a great product for very little but you have to look at the ingredients.

Do you try new treatments and technologies as they emerge on the market? How do you advise your patients when it comes to testing a new trend?

I always try new treatments and technologies as they emerge on the market and consider myself cutting edge. I was one of the very first people using Botox in 1991. However, I always check the science before I use a new treatment or technology. I would advise patients to do the same or to only go to a doctor they trust.

What’s in your bag?

My bag contains my Louis Vuitton light pink sunglasses, Chanel lipgloss, Dior blush, ColorScience SPF 30 sun block powder, my iPhone, my appointment book, a bottle of jasmine green tea, Dior concealer, hand sanitizer, an American Express card, and my Frequent User Frozen Yogurt Card.

What’s your favorite bag?

My favorite bag is a bright pink Fendi alligator tote. I’ve had it for years and I never tire of it. It’s big enough and holds just about everything, even my new iPad. It’s also bright enough to always get me noticed. As you can see, I love the color Pink!

Are you a mom?

Yes I am a mother. I have a nineteen year old daughter. She is going to start her sophomore year at the University of Pennsylvania.

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