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Posted by 10.31.08


SKINCEUTICALS C SERUM – The classic original Vitamin C serum has expanded into a full range to choose from, including the newest addition, Phloretic CF. C Serum is the original, C + AHA is another favorite, C+ E is a standby, C + E + Ferulic Acid is the antioxidant cocktail of choice among those in the know. Use these serums during the day to get the full effect – they can help protect you from UV rays. Serums are an acquired taste though – I bought the C+E and found it to sting a little, so I passed it on to a friend who lives in Palm Beach. Her skin is like crusty bread and can handle anything and she positively loved it. If you prefer a cream like I do, checkout some of the other SkinCeuticals products instead. I switched to the DDF C3 Plus Serum which comes in a pump and feels silky going on.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT)  – Depending on your skin type and tolerance, this is either a winner or an expensive nuisance. These serums are sticky and you have to be motivated to apply them daily. Works best for sun damaged skin. Expensive – $135 and up for a little bottle – and if you aren’t careful about tightening the stopper every time you use it, it will turn brown fast and you will blow your investment.


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