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Posted by 11.30.09



photo credit : www.walgreens.com

Like most people when I hear the term “big hair” my thoughts go to the crazy 80s and shows like Dynasty where the size of your hair was only superseded by the size of your shoulder pads.  Big hair is generally bad hair in my book. But this Big Hair mousse, is anything but bad.

For starters, when the mousse comes out, it doesn’t grow exponetionally in size.  A small handful, remains a small handful, rather than growing to a mass the size of Nebraska. Application is simple and it spreads easily through my hair. The scent is a bit heavy, but non-offensive. This very inexpensive mousse performs miracles to my thin, very straight hair.  Simply blow drying my hair with a round brush after a application of this mousse, and your would think I have thick hair, and a lot of it. My hair holds its style without other styling products, doesn’t get full of static, and even looks decent the next day. Not bad for a product at this price point, in fact, I think it is well WORTH every penny you will pay for it.

FINAL VERDICT: BOB (Beauty on a Budget):Shine, hold, and movement. What more can you ask for? Available at Walgreens.   $5.99 for 8.1 oz

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