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Photo Credit: Chanel


01-02-14 | Posted by

Radiant orchid may be the color of 2014, but Chanel is seeing spring as a sea of pastels, electric pinks, purples, and intense reds. In essence, this is a collection of lively colors so don’t be abashed to put your colorful face forward.

The result, even with a limited set of new products (three) is polished, and a bit more edgy than Chanel’s 2013 spring look, which was very pink and feminine with soft eyes and a bold pink lip. In 2014, Chanel wants you to be quite fiery, with a Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color in Lighthearted Red, which boasts hint of pink ($38).


Photo Credit: Chanel

The Cream Blush in Intonation ($38) gives the look a touch of energy, but not in a clownish way. This blush is a beautiful peachy brick red in a powder-cream formula. While spirited pinks don’t always do well with darker skin tones and particularly those with undertones, this blush looks as though it could do well even on someone with Naomi Campbell’s color, although the ads promote—as always—someone with a much fairer skin tone. The other blush in the spring 2014 line is Chamade, which is much more audacious in its pinkish tone.

Photo Credit: Chanel

Photo Credit: Chanel

The nail lacquer in Tapage is more classic red than pink, and reminiscent of Chanel’s classic Dragon but slightly more brownish and pinker in tone. The Quadrille eye palette ($59)  consists of lavender, gray, golden ivory, and rosy apricot—thankfully no splashy shades of pink or red because that would have been overkill.

The idea of not being able to pair pinks and reds has flown out the window in recent years, with fashion houses from Nicole Miller to Alexander McQueen mixing daring shades that were previously thought of as being clashy. In the luxury makeup world, it is rarer: few makeup houses have overtly advocated combining pinks and reds in the way Chanel touts its 2014 spring collection.



  1. Samantha Says:

    GORGEOUS quad wow


    […] introduced Radiant Orchid as the color of the year; Chanel’s spring “Notes du Printemps” collection features larger-than-life blush colors like Chamade (a coal-hot pink); and now the NARS […]

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