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07-04-09 | Posted by



Fess up. Are you one of those women who “fib” about their age? Do you make yourself  just  a few years younger?

It’s just a number. I always tell my real age when asked. First, I am proud of my experience and wisdom. Secondly, how young can I keep making my children without people thinking I was a teenage mother? My daughters are in their 20s! And who can remember what you told to whom – and what if it comes up in conversation and you get caught in a great big lie? That would be even worse.

Here is a fun story that really was my catalyst to honesty. I was at a 50th  birthday party for a business associate. When asked how old she was, she replied 45. One of the women at the table whispered “Gee she looks awful for 45, wouldn’t it just  be better to say she was 50” ! I really had to laugh as it was so true. We actually age oursleves sometimes when we are trying to be younger.

I have another friend who is 49 this year and she has been telling people she was 50 for the past two years. So when her actual 50th birthday does come around, I am not sure what she will do. Luckily, she is secure enough in herself not to care all that much, which is a great way to be.

OK, so how old am I really………..? I think I’ll just say 65 so you can say, “Wow, she looks great!”

Write and tell us if you “fib” or not, and if so for how many years younger or older? We promise not to give away your secret…


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