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Date: 12.31.13

Alexa Chung has been called a lot of things in her 30 years. Beautiful is one word that springs to mind; global style icon has been thrown around, and of course she is a model,  photographer, fashion muse, and fashionista. Her newest role is as Creative Consultant for Eyeko, the quirky indie British eye themed makeup brand launched in 1999 by Max and Nina Leykind.

Alexa’s first limited edition collection for Eyeko has already been lauded as a brilliant success on both sides of the pond. It is made up of just mascara and eyeliner in jet black to duplicate her signature feline flick look. While the thought of emulating Alexa’s homage to the 1960’s surely appeals, most of us need more than a dab of mascara and eyeliner to get there.

We love the Eye Do Mascara ($26). It comes in a little silver tube with a huge brush and goes on very thick and lasts really well. It also promises to condition your lashes and promote growth while you have it on for an added bonus. Ingredients include ginkgo biloba, shea butter, vitamins, antioxidants, and botanical proteins. It takes a bit of work to get it off, however; but it is manageable. 

The Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner ($19) is not exactly idiot proof but easier than many others we have tried. There is a little learning curve but when you get it right, it is well worth the effort and looks amazing. The tip is thin enough to give you the control needed to draw smooth curvy lines, and it is waterproof so it stays in place. 

This look is sexy, it makes your eyes pop, and will get you noticed, but it’s not for every girl. In fact, if you have a normal job like a lawyer, stock broker, or marketing director, you may have to save this duo for evening wear only. It is very dark black—called carbon or pitch—and can be slightly overpowering, especially if you are not blessed with the fresh bold style of Alexa.

The packaging is fun, upbeat and clever. Alexa is credited with the design of that as well. I was excited to open the tube to see what was inside.

At $45 for the set, it’s a great value and delivers on all of its promises. A lot of diehard Eyeko fans will probably be campaigning hard for this to become part of the permanent collection.

We can’t wait to see what will be coming out next from the Eyeko-Chung collaboration.



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Date: 12.11.13

Created by renowned Beverly Hills dermatologist, Zein Obagi, MD, ZO® Skin Health and ZO® Medical products feature high potency ingredients in concentrations that are powerful enough to truly make a difference in your skin.

The new ZO Medical LipRebuild Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment ($50) is no exception. It includes retinol, advanced peptides, and powerful antioxidants to slough dead skin and repair dry, cracking lips that make you look older. The LipRebuild complex is bioengineered to restore severely dry, cracked, and wrinkled lips using a clinically proven moisture recycling technology. Vitamins A and E and breakthrough plant stem cell antioxidants help defend exposed lips from further oxidative damage from the environment, i.e., the sun’s rays and pollutants. A clever advanced patented peptide complex also works to increase microcirculation to plump up your lips, improving overall shape, while restoring lips to their natural rosy hue. They also added a cooling complex that soothes parched lips.

According to Dr. Obagi, “The skin of the lips is very thin and gets constant exposure, making it more susceptible to the signs of aging. We used potent retinol in our Lip Rebuild formula to help restore severely dry, cracked, and wrinkled lips to an optimum healthy condition. The addition of powerful antioxidants also helps to defend lips from continued exposure to the environment and UV radiation.”

ZO® Medical LipRebuild can be used under lipstick or gloss, or on its own for added protection and extra comfort. Available exclusively from ZO Medical physicians in-office and through the ZO online physician stores at


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Date: 12.09.13

Formula X is certainly a different kind of nail experience. First of all, it is a huge range. Walk into any Sephora and you will be overwhelmed with the choices of a rich rainbow of colors, cool textures, shimmery metallics, glow in the dark neons, over the top glitters, and wild eye-catching finishes. The extensive selection will set every nailaholics’ heart a flutter. For me, however, I was searching for my go to beige, creme, pearl, and shell tones. (I know…yawn).  If you can’t decide on your favorite shade, Sephora has a clever tester set up on the display—you slip your fingers under a clear acetate sheet and polish over your nail to see how it would look against your skin tone.

When it comes to beauty services, I’m all about saving time. Between working on my collection of Apple electronics 24/7, carrying around a bag that weighs a ton, running from meeting to meeting, in and out of taxis, etc. my typical mani lasts 2-3 days tops and I usually break at least one nail. I tried one of the home gel kits but it was too complicated and messy for me to stick with. I don’t have a schedule that lets me go for professional gel manis—nor the patience—and I’m too ADD to sit still long enough to have it done anyway. Therefore, my nails really take a beating and it’s not pretty.

So the promise of lasting well (like a whole 7 days!!) without chips and without UV light exposure that can cause skin cancer, got my attention. The idea of being able to take off or change your polish without soaking or using a sharp instrument also appeals.

To get into the Formula X frame of mind, start with the System Kit ($32.00) that contains 4 key steps needed to deliver the whole Formula X experience. It includes a cleanser, base coat and top coat, plus the color of your choice (that is, if you can pick just one!). I was skeptical about why I really needed to use the Nail Cleanser instead of just washing my hands, but after trying it, I can see the benefits. It gets your nails and cuticles squeaky clean without oils, dirt, sweat, or residue, so they are ready to accept the polish. The Base Coat is supposedly designed to be an adhesive primer that forms a sticky layer, thereby helping the polish stay in place. Next step is the color of your choice. And the last step is to  finish with their signature shiny Top Coat to protect your mani and voila—you’re done! It’s that fast, easy, and it looks like a pro did it.

I’m in LOVE with Formula X. In fact, I’m going back for more colors—and I might even venture out of my comfort zone this time (brights or metallics?). I especially love the Neutrals and the New Classics collections. I am very impressed with the long wear time and chip-free formula. And I’ve already bought the System Kit for two girlfirends for the holidays.

Ladies, this nail polish is a MUST try!

Look for Formula X on and in Sephora stores, prices range from $10.50-$12.50 depending on the polish.


Date: 03.23.13

Very often, beauty pursuits are a bit like the search for the unicorn, which you know should exist but doesn’t. And scrubs, exfoliants, cleansers, and the entire arsenal of beauty products all packaged oh-so nicely promise the moon but leave you very much on planet Earth.

L’Oreal’s new Ideal Clean cleansers and moisturizers don’t really promise the moon but they do promise ideal, clean, and hydrated skin. The simplicity of the entire collection won me over because it was not about the next new miraculous ingredient or a unique fragrance…it was just about giving you ideal skin.

L'Oreal Paris Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser

Photo Credit: Matt Minucci for BeautyintheBag

The Ideal Clean Collection offers two gentle formulas, which aim to remove dirt, oil, and tough eye makeup—it performs wonders on waterproof eye liner and mascara. The Ideal Clean Foaming Gel Cleanser ($4.99) lathers beautifully, cleans the skin without stripping, and leaves no filmy residue. A bonus? It also targets pore size to help minimize their appearance. The Ideal Clean Towelettes ($4.99) remove makeup, banish dirt and oil, and are perfect for sensitive skin.

The cleanser is a great option for daily use: it’s ideal for acne-prone skin because it leaves your skin feeling thoroughly (but not squeaky) clean—and no residue. Plus, true to its promise, it gives you a nice boost of hydration. We also would recommend this cleanser for sensitive skins because the fragrance is not strong or harsh. Two thumbs up!

L'Oreal Paris Ideal Moisture Moisturizer 48 Hours Review

The Ideal Moisture Collection also offers lightweight products, lotions that thoroughly hydrate. They’re the everlasting gobstopper of moisturizers, really, with the promise of 48 Hour Protection (clinically proven). Since they are lightweight, they won’t clog pores. The three basic oil-free moisturizers ($6.99 each, for Dry, Sensitive, and Normal Skin), are good for use during the day, and have SPF 25. There’s also an Even Tone formula that’s available in both a day and night version. Tourmaline is added to give you a radiant glow.

We tried the 48 Hour Normal Skin Day Lotion and was impressed at how light it was: think souffle light! The best part is that it hydrated the skin but also withstood the wear and tear of the day very well. Obviously, we couldn’t test it for a full 48 hours (we do like to wash our faces from time to time) but we’re glad to say that it lasted throughout the day without leaving our skin parched and wanting more.

The Ideal Day Lotion Even Tone ($6.99) was a bit trickier to evaluate. It is hard to see the evening out of skin tone in a matter of days, but the skin-softening component was definitely present (as the product advertises). Infused with antioxidant vitamin E, this lotion feels light and lasts a while as well. The product does say that you will see results in four weeks, and we’ve been using ours for a few weeks with much success. Plus, the price point is highly attractive too.

L’Oreal’s new Ideal Skin and Moisture Collections are impressive, by any standards, and the agreeable prices are an added reason to stock up on these beauties.


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