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Posted by 07.15.14

True or false: women in their 40s like the way they look? The BITB team votes for a resounding “True,” noting that women in their 40s know who they are and possess the type of confidence that makes them strong, beautiful, and often in the best shape of their lives.

The challenge is staying that way. Enter the new Lierac Magnificence skin care line. Formulated to fight wrinkles, loss of firmness, and lack of radiance, the four-product collection has been created specifically for women in their 40s, and targets a process called glycoxidation.

Glycoxidation is a combination of two biological processes: glycation and oxidation. Part of natural aging, glycation occurs when sugarsbuild up in the body and basically paralyze certain proteins. This leads to the creation of Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs), which slow down the metabolism of skin cells and ultimately cause skin to loose its elasticity. Combine that with oxidation, the bombardment of free radicals, and skin loses its support structure, wrinkles appear, and skin becomes less firm and radiant..

Magnifience targets glycoxidation with the patented D-Glyox complex, which comprises three key ingredients: pomegranate flower, silk tree and liposome peptide. Together they help reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging by encouraging the elimination of glycated proteins and AGEs.

The Magnificence range includes:

Red Serum Intensive Revitalizing Treatment ($86): Actually red in color, this concentrated serum adds hibiscus flower to the D-Glyox complex for a pore refining effect.

Day & Night Cream for Dry Skin ($78): A daily anti-aging treatment that is formulated with shea butter, marula oil, and D-Glyox.

Day & Night Gel for Normal to Combination Skin ($78): D-Glyox complex in a cream-gel texture that instantly mattifies oilhy-prone skin.

Precision Eye Care ($49): 7% D-Glyox, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E work to diminish lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

Clinical studies show that after four weeks use of the Serum and Day & Night Cream, subjects showed a 40% reduction in wrinkles and 33% improvement in firmness.

Sugar—not so wonderful for the hips, and now we know not so wonderful for the skin.


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Posted by 07.09.14

Chemical peels are one of the best ways to refresh your look, fight discoloration, and even fight acne. Thanks to several dermatologists turned brand developers, there are a plethora of professional-type peels that you can apply in the comfort of your home, and that won’t burn your face or turn it redder than a strawberry.

Here are three new face peels that are tried, tested, and worth their price:

Peter Thomas Roth 40%  Triple Acid Peel ($88)

Formulated with TCA, glycolic acid, and salicylic acids, this new peel aims to battle wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and exfoliate dead skin cells. I loved the presentation of the peel, which comes in slim one-time use ampoules, as well as the size and texture of the peel pads, which are twice as thick as the ones I’ve typically used. The results are visible immediately (the skin glows) and over the course of several weeks (my hyperpigmentation and wrinkles were reduced). This peel also did not dry out my skin.

Beauty Rx Progressive Peel ($69.95 on HSN)

Dr. Schultz Progressive Peel on HSN

Photo Credit: BeautyRx

This six-week peel consists of three parts: an exfoliating serum, a cream, and exfoliating pads. Based on Dr. Neal Schultz’s vision that “exfoliation is the most important therapeutic treatment you can do for your skin, and glycolic acid is the gold standard,” this triple threat works harmoniously to deliver sparkling results. Almost immediately, my skin was brighter, as he promises. The 8% glycolic acid serum is your base for two weeks (use that exclusively), followed by the high-strength 10% glycolic acid pads, which don’t tingle (use them starting at week 3, and alternate nights with the serum but don’t do both the same night or else you will burn your skin), and lastly use the maximum 15% glycolic acid cream during weeks 5 and 6 (alternate nightly with the pads).

The three-part peel is an interesting approach (most of the peels I have used consist of pads soaked in the treatment) and I was extremely pleased with the results. My skin was luminous, my wrinkles diminished, and best of all, my acne was in check. Hip, hip, hurray for this beautifully-priced six-week peel.

Zelens PHA Bio-Peel Resurfacing Pads ($95)

ZelensPhoto Credit: Zelens

These peel pads use PHA (polyhydroxy acids) along with the conventional alpha and beta acids and are extremely gentle and refreshing. This may be the perfect peel for sensitive skin types who want to address their enlarged pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone. Out of all the peels mentioned in this story, this one is the most gentle—enough to be used morning and evening for almost instant results. I’d also recommend it for in-flight travel and travel in general.




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Posted by 07.01.14

Despite a growing awareness and availability of face and body oils, brands are facing pressure to produce oil-free versions of best-sellers because women are nervous about slathering anything kitchen-friendly on their face.

Here are some oil-free moisturizers and smoothers to get your summer off to a perfect start:

Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil ($38):

In response to a growing need for oils—without the greasy texture—Peter Thomas Roth developed the first “oil-less oil,” a purified squalene product that looks and feels like the real thing but also helps control breakouts. Product Development Director Tamar Kamen says the brand receives many phone calls from customers who want to ensure products are oil-free. She says that the squalene-based “oil” reaches a broad audience and just started launching internationally in Asia, where it is resonating very well.

“Overall, yes it is a loved product and the concept makes sense for just about everyone especially now in the warmer months when oil-lovers could be looking to try a non-oil alternative,” says Kamen.

L’Oreal Paris Miracle Blur Revitalift Oil-Free ($24.99)

Revitalift Miracle Blur Oil FreePhoto Credit: L’Oreal Paris USA

The original Miracle Blur, which claimed to instantly erase the look of lines, wrinkles, and pores, was a skin smoother. The latest oil-free version came about by popular demand, says the brand. The lightweight texture is translucent and blends into the skin and acts well as a primer. It’s not a moisturizer, rather a primer that is marketed as a first of kind skin smoother. If you want some instant oil-free skin fixing, this is your product. The brand says the oil-free version is doing well, if not much better than its creamier predecessor.

NARS Aqua Gel Luminous Oil-Free Moisturizer ($58)


Photo Credit: Sephora

This is your go-to summer moisturizer, which cools you in a way no Popsicle can. The gel-cream formula helps dehydrated skin, but also addresses troubled complexions and skin subjected to harsh sun. It contains a light reflecting complex that helps with luminosity and of course, is also oil-free. It helps improve the skin’s natural barrier function and to prevent moisture loss with each use. It’s my choice for the summer months, especially for combination/oily skin.



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