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Posted by 04.16.14

If you live in the New York-tri state area, you might have noticed an unusual movie set trailer parked in your neighborhood earlier this month. No, we’re not talking about filming of the latest Law & Order: SVU episode, but rather the launch of a new beauty focused magazine called Discover Beauty Within.

You may be thinking: does the world really need another beauty magazine? Well, yes it does, particularly this one. Beauty Within’s exclusive focus is on products sold at drugstores and mass retailers. As such, Beauty Within is sold only at Walgreens’ 8,000+ stores and Duane Reade drugstores. The price is $1.99.

The magazine’s editor is Andrea Nagel, a well-known byline in the beauty sphere, and Wendy Lewis, Beauty in the Bag’s own editor in chief, is a contributor. Check out her article in the premiere issue on anti-aging treatments that work. Sofia Vergara is featured on the cover and inside is an exclusive interview with professional volleyballer Gabrielle Reece.

The launch of the new mag was two fold. First there was a grand bash in New York City with editors, writers, and brand reps at the uber chic Botequim restaurant. At the same time, the consumer trailer—called “Suite on the Street”—debuted down the street, complete with five beauty stations to create mini salon experience for shoppers. Next stop for the trailer is Los Angeles to correspond with the launch of the second quarterly issue in June. Chicago and Miami are upcoming destinations.

Not planning a trip to Walgreens or Duane Reade, you can still visit www.DiscoverBeautyWithin.

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Posted by 04.09.14

Phrenology, a pseudoscience that identified personality based on the size and shape of the head, was all the rage in the 1800s, and thankfully now relegated to the waste bin of unsubstantiated theories. But what about wrinkle analysis? Can you really tell if someone is happy or sad based on their wrinkles? Are crow’s feet the result of a crinkly, happy smile? Do marionette lines mean you are mean? According to the following infographic from LaserAway Hair Removal & Aesthetics, lip lines mean you are a hopeless romantic and nasolabial folds are signs of optimism. Take a look here at the complete graph, and let us know what you think.

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Posted by 04.08.14

Elizabeth Arden unveiled its newest skincare range—Elizabeth Arden Rx—at the AAD in Denver in March 2014, effectively entering into the race for professional skincare domination. The range is based on an innovative topical skin protection product, Triple Protection Factor Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+, or TPF 50, that is the hero formula featured in the comprehensive skincare line designed for exclusive distribution in physicians’ offices.

Uber cosmetic chemist Joe Lewis is the brains behind the new skincare range. Lewis first partnered with Elizabeth Arden, Inc. in 2005 to launch Prevage®, which has gone on to win more than 160 international beauty awards. He is well known for discovering mega cosmeceutical ingredients including alpha-hydroxy acid in 1983, idebenone in 2004 (found in Prevage®) and CoffeeBerry® (found in Revaleskin®)  in 2007. This new collaboration marks another win for Lewis’ unique formulations.

TPF 50 contains a triple cocktail of key skin saving ingredients—broad spectrum SPF 50, an Antioxidant Complex, and a DNA Enzyme Complex- in a lightly textured, silky moisturizing base. In a recent study in March 2014 in Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, the DNA Enzyme Complex was proven to be more effective in reducing the risks associated with premature signs of aging and skin cancer than other commonly used products in head to head comparisons. The authors concluded that, “Taken together, our results indicate that TPF50 improves the genomic and proteomic integrity of skin cells after repeated exposure to UV radiation, ultimately reducing the risk of skin aging and non melanoma skin cancers.”

According to study author, James M. Spencer, MD, Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, “Sunscreens prevent DNA damage but they do not have the ability to repair DNA damage. In the first study done in St. Petersburg, FL, subjects were applying this product topically for eight weeks and doing skin biopsies before and after and stained for pyridime dimers—a signature mutation—which is only caused by UV light. We also looked at P53, a tumor suppressor gene. After  eight weeks, there was a significant decrease in pyridime dimers, and mutated P53. If you already have sun damage, TPF50 can repair the skin. It has SPF in it so it combines prevention with repair enzymes. You can’t take back damage that was done twenty years ago. This is actually repairing the skin. We also compared it to other products on the market that contain DNA repair enzymes in them, but TPF50 was superior.”

The line is categorized into four regimens—Anti-Aging, Brightening, Clarifying, and Hydrating—each includes a pre-treatment cleanser and Triple Protection Factor Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50+ (TPF 50). There are seven products in all; two cleansers, Anti-aging Serum, Brightening Serum, Clarifying Serum, Hydrating Cream, and the signature TPF50. The addition of Elizabeth Arden Rx Mineral Skincare, a loose sheer mineral powder in five wearable shades with SPF27, plus one Finishing Touch, completes the collection.

For physician use only, there are also four peeling systems that complete the treatment selection, for Clarifying, Hydrating, Anti-Aging, and Brightening skin. The peels are designed as an in-office treatment to be administered by a trained medical professional, and the selected products are to be used at home, as well, for maintenance.

Look for the Elizabeth Arden Rx Skin Optimizing Platform™ coming next,  a clever little handheld device with  interchangeable treatment heads for cleansing, skin smoothing, and the infusion of topical agents all in one.

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