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Posted by 11.22.14

What’s your favorite dish on the Thanksgiving table? Mine is definitely the cranberry sauce. A family tradition since I was little, I make mine with chopped walnuts, crushed pineapple and little else. This sweet-tart side dish absolutely elevates everything else on my plate — I love it so much I even top my sliced turkey with it instead of adding gravy!

Cranberries are known as a “Superfruit” because they are highly antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiseptic, contain phytochemicals, essential fatty acids, and are loaded with fiber and vitamins, too. When consumed, cranberries can lower your risk of urinary tract infections, help prevent certain types of cancer, decrease blood pressure, improve your immune system, and more. Applied topically, you can expect your skin to look younger and more even-toned plus it can diminish acne, fight dandruff, and even calm skin irritation. With all these beauty benefits it’s no surprise that beauty brands incorporate cranberries into their products.

Here, 5 cranberry-dosed products that work wonders:

  • Korres

    Korres Beauty Shots Cranberry Instant Lifting Mask ($36/4 mask set) is the perfect beauty fix before a special event or morning after. Simply apply to clean, dry skin and leave on up to 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water. You'll immediately notice the lifting and firming action that lasts and lasts. Formulated with naturally active cranberry, wild yum phytosterols, and sunflower oil to help skin appear visibly younger-looking and renewed.

  • Fresh slide

    Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil ($50) contains powerful antioxidant protection with its blend of seaberry, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grape seed, and sweet almond oils. This lightweight oil is also rich in restorative omegas and just 2 drops, massaged into your complexion will give you 24 hours of hydration, perfect for this season's harsher climate.

  • Red Door slide

    Red Door Spa Professional Cranberry Enzyme Exfoliator ($56) brings the spa treatment to your home. It's formulated with a blend of cranberry, papaya, lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid to gently, easily and effectively soften and smooth skin.

  • Dr Jart slide

    Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask ($48) helps you put the "beauty" in beauty sleep. Apply your usual night serum and moisturizer, and then top with this fast-absorbing overnight gel to infuse skin with mega moisture and improve its barrier function. Cranberry and olive leaf boost elasticity and you'll love the fragrant essential oil blend. It promotes a deeper, more restful sleep so that upon waking you'll feel as refreshed as you look.

  • Burts Bees slide

    Burt's Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub ($13) will get you silky soft in no time. Apply to wet or dry skin and gently massage in a circular motion to smooth away any rough, dry skin. A perfect mix of exfoliating sugar crystals, pomegranate oil, cranberry seed, and shea butter will polish you to perfection and leave your skin soft, supple, and glowing. The deliciously sweet scent is a bonus!


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Posted by 11.21.14

There’s a reason steam is a vital part to getting a facial — it opens up pores, hydrates and clarifies the skin — but getting these services regularly at a spa can put a dent in your pocket.

Enter Dr. Dennis Gross Steamer Solutions ($125), which serves as an at-home facial, delivering a constant flow of moisture to dehydrated skin. The machine has a calibrated glass cup that you pour water into through spigot. There are two buttons that give you control over the steaming process. It provides continuous steam for 20 minutes, and the heat does not scald your skin.

Dr. Gross advises that “Steaming skin at home is a great option to open pores and help get rid of pore-clogging surface debris. I developed the Steamer Solutions, which uses steam fusion technology to simultaneously cleanse pores, hydrate skin, and allow for more efficient exfoliation.” He recommends that you use it 1-2 times per week or as needed.

To Use:: This is an extremely uncomplicated device; it comes pretty much assembled and all you need to do is to latch the measuring cup into the steamer, make sure it is secure in its place, and then pour the water through the spigot — to the MAX level — plug the device in, and you’re good to go. The best part about the steamer is the hydration level: my skin is instantly nourished, as though I had a lovely long day luxuriating at the spa.

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Posted by 11.19.14

I thought that once I was out of my teens and early adulthood, the only thing I’d have to be on the lookout for complexion-wise would be fine lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. “Many people (women in particular) find pimples popping up well into their late 20s and beyond,” says Montclair, N.J.-based dermatologist, Jeanine Downie, M.D. She adds that while there are different types of pimples, both adult and teen acne “have the same process of clogged pores creating the optimal environment for the bacteria linked to acne, P. acnes, to flourish.” Here, she gives BITB readers the lowdown on adult acne as well as causes and treatment options:

What’s the difference between teen and adult acne? Adult skin is less oily and more prone to dryness than teenage skin, and adult acne tends to occur on the neck and jawline whereas in teens it’s usually on the nose, chin, forehead, and cheeks. It’s also typically more cystic than that of teens.

What causes adult acne? Fluctuating hormones (including pregnancy), stress, family history, sometimes certain foods and drinks (especially dairy or foods high in sugar) and pore-clogging products can be to blame. Mineral oil based products (found in some makeups) can also clog your pores and break you out.

When should someone see a derm for acne? If you have been using an over-the-counter treatment for 2 weeks and you haven’t experienced improvement, make an appointment with your dermatologist. There are some great new over-the-counter regimens (such as Benzac, a potential game-changer for people who suffer from mild to moderate acne), plus many effective prescription treatments available.

What are the best OTC, prescription, and in-office treatments for adult acne?

  • OTC: I recommend an acne treatment regimen of cleanse, treat, hydrate plus an SPF of at least 30, all year round, rain or shine. 
  • Rx: As far as prescription treatments go, I like retinoids. Epiduo is a powerful prescription that contains adapalene (a retinoid) to unclog pores and decrease redness, swelling and inflammation, and benzoyl peroxide to kill acne-causing bacteria, p. acnes. In clinical trials, Epiduo started working to reduce pimples in the first week of treatment. Another prescription acne treatment that I recommend is Aczone because it causes minimal irritation.
  • In-Office: Glycolic acid or salicylic acid peels are superficial peels that work for all skin types to help clear and excavate dead skin cells from the surface of the skin and deep in the pores. I like to do these monthly for my acne patients. Three to six are typically the number of peels to see optimum results. 

Is it okay to cover up acne with makeup? If so, what do you recommend and why? Rule #1 is to check the label of your makeup to ensure that the concealer or foundation you’re using won’t exacerbate breakouts with ingredients such as mineral oil or waxes. 




Galderma Benzac Acne Solutions ($36, available 12/29/14) — a new over-the-counter favorite of Dr. Downie — is a 3-step regimen that features a Skin Balancing Foaming Cleanser to gently exfoliate and remove excess oil without over drying the skin, an Intensive Spot Treatment to neutralize and calm blemishes, and a Blemish Clearing Hydrator to control excess oil, moisturize, and prevent blocked pores. All contain the powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial pure, pharmaceutical-grade East Indian Sandalwood Oil and salicylic acid to unclog pores. Also formulated with skin brighteners, super-antioxidants, essential minerals, and more.


Dermalogica Breakout Control ($46) treats adult acne without Benzoyl Peroxide, which can sometimes irritate those with sensitive skin. It’s formulated with an Azelaic Acid derivative to regulate sebum, Lactobacillus Ferment to gently remove plugs which lead to infected impactions, Colloidal Silver to eliminate acne bacteria which thrive on cell debris and can collect in congested pores, and contains Tea Tree oil that works in tandem with Zinc Sulfate to reduce redness and minimize irritation. Non-tinted so it blends invisibly into the skin, use as a spot-treatment or as an all-over treatment to absorb oil, loosen early-stage impactions, and soothe inflammation. 



Tria Beauty Acne Clearing Blue Light ($299) offers dermatologist results with this FDA-cleared device that targets acne causing bacteria and eliminates it deep beneath the skin’s surface to clear skin and help prevent future breakouts. 



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