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Posted by 07.25.14

Summer has a lot going for it. The longer daylight hours mean more time for fun in the sun, but, it’s precisely this that can take a toll on your hair. Chlorine, UV light, and the sea salt from the ocean will fade, fry, and weaken your hair. Thanks to expert advice courtesy of Jet, from Jet Rhys Salons in San Diego, CA, and NYC-based celebrity hairdresser, Jim Crawford, you won’t have to live under a hat all season.


Hydrate: If you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors “be proactive and hydrate your hair every day with a moisturizing hair mask,” says Jet. Try Bumble and bumble’s Bb Quenching Masque ($38) to replenish and restore your hair’s natural moisture barrier.

Use Protection: Sunlight creates free radicals that break down the hair protein, damaging cuticles, and fading color. If you plan on being outside or at the beach, shield your strands from the sun with a UV protectant like Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil ($28), a lightweight, water-resistant mist with UVA/UVB filters, anti-oxidants, and conditioning ingredients. Don’t have a hair product on hand? Jet says “a dab of your favorite body sunscreen worked through the ends of your hair will suffice.”

Saturate Your Strands: Before jumping in the pool or ocean drench your hair with fresh, clean water. There’s only so much the hair can absorb and by doing so will minimize the amount of chlorine or saltwater that’s absorbed into the hair.


To embrace summer’s more casual vibe, put down your blowdryer and heat-styling tools and air-dry instead. You’ll get a break and avoid extra damage in the process.

Whether you choose to wear your hair up or down you still have many style options to choose from:

Up-dos: Jim Crawford recommends you ponytail, braid, or bun it with a deep conditioner on your ends and snag-free hairbands to prevent breakage.

He also likes headbands on hair that’s pulled back or worn down a la Katy Perry and says “they’re a great option to keep you looking chic without  using your blowdryer or flat iron.”

Down-dos: If you’re going to wear your hair down, Jet likes “sexy, timeless, beachy waves this time of year.” To do, apply an even layer of leave-in conditioner and mousse throughout freshly washed, towel-blotted hair. Separate it into two to five sections (depending on how loose you prefer your waves) and braid starting two or three inches from the scalp. Leave overnight. In the morning, gently unwind, and rake through with your fingers.


Post-Swim and Sun: It’s important to remove chlorine and sea water from your hair before it can do too much damage. Immediately after swimming rinse hair well with fresh water and as soon as you’re able to do a proper wash use a shampoo specifically formulated to get the chlorine out. UltraSwim Moisturizing Chlorine Removal Shampoo ($4) gently and effectively removes chlorine to keep your hair from becoming dry, brittle, and unmanageable. Jet also recommends good, old-fashioned apple cider vinegar to remove chlorine and salt water and add shine instantly! She says to “rinse it through your damp hair a few times to safely remove dulling minerals and then follow up with shampoo and conditioner.”

Repair parched strands with an intensive conditioning hair masque. A favorite of Crawford is Rene Furterer Sun Care Repairing After Sun Mask ($42), specially formulated with fatty acids and nourishing ingredients to rebuild, rehydrate and detangle.



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Posted by 07.22.14

It’s a known fact that women tend to take good care of their face and delicate eye area, but we get lazy when it comes to the skin below our chins. The all important neck and decollete are often neglected—not receiving their fair share of rejuvenating anti-aging creams, serums, and a daily dose of SPF50. The result is not so pretty. Lines, wrinkles, creases between the breasts, and premature skin sagging are the consequences, especially in an area that is so often exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Just as your hands can give away your age, so too goes your chest.

Ultherapy has made a big splash as the first and only FDA cleared non-invasive treatment for the neck, eyebrow, and under-chin lift. Now Ultherapy is poised to tackle the chest area too. It has recently received an FDA nod to improve lines and wrinkles of the décolleté.

The Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment uses the same signature imaging and focused ultrasound technology that delivers energy deep below the skin. It stimulates the natural formation of collagen and elastin in the skin’s foundation to gradually smooth chest wrinkles to make them less noticeable.

According to New York Plastic Surgeon Bryan G. Forley, “Results from Ultherapy are typically visible after about three months, and in some cases, a second treatment is advisable at that time. The treatment takes less than an hour for the full face and neck, and you can go back to work or resume your normal routine right away. I think it will be a great addition to treat the decolletage as well.”

As with the FDA-cleared Ultherapy procedure for lifting the neck, eyebrow, and under the chin, results for the décolleté can be achieved with a single treatment with no downtime. “There is a high patient demand for a safe and effective solution to treat the chest, but the only options available involved needles, multiple treatments, recovery time, and/or restricted sun exposure,” said principal investigator Sabrina Fabi, MD of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego. “Now, with the Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment, I can offer women a solution that consistently works and can be done on their lunch hour, at any time of year.”

The Ultherapy Décolletage Treatment will soon be available at more than 1,500 dermatology and plastic surgery practices across the U.S.  Find an ultherapist near you at




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Posted by 07.21.14

Have you ever fallen in love with a nail color so much that you wanted to paint your walls with it? Yes, ladies, I said walls. Well, OPI Nail Laquer has the solution for you. They have teamed up with Ace Hardware to offer an exclusive palette of some of their most iconic colors in Clark+Kensington Paint and Primer in One.

In a first of its kind collaboration, the new OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington features 18 of OPI’s most beloved shades paired with complementary colors from the Clark+Kensington line to create a color palette to liven up your home. If nothing else, this rather unexpected pairing may just lure some more women into their local Ace Hardware store in search of Don’t Touch My Tutu, I Eat Mainely Lobster, or Can’t Find My Czechbook.

Screenshot 2014-07-21 15.22.18

The whole nail creativity trend is on fire right now. So it’s no surprise that OPI is thinking outside of the box by teaming up with Clark + Kensington and bringing bold nail colors to the home. Hmmm…just envisioning my living room with Nein, Nein, Nein on the walls. Bravo OPI!

With 3,200 Ace stores nationwide, you can find one practically around the corner. Or pick your fave shades of ‘Glamour by the Gallon’ at clarkandkensington .

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