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Posted by 09.30.14

The undulating seaside treasures of France, whose shores are packed with seaweed, bamboo forests of Australia, and the African Savanna all feature prominently in Origins’ latest wunderkind, Plantscription Anti-aging Power Serum ($55).

Origins sent out Candace Kumai and Kim Mance on a scientific/social experiment, where they traveled all over the world to smell, touch, and experience these ingredients before they decided which ones would end up in its latest skin therapy. The rare Anogeissus tree (from Ghana), whose bark Origins analyzed for five years, showed that it truly does provide anti-aging benefits.

In two weeks, studies showed what we’ve come to expect in an anti-aging product: reduction of fine lines and wrinkles (51% reduction in wrinkles), plumping of skin, and lifting and firming. Other natural ingredients include the delicate lace-like Crithmum from France, also known as the “retinol of the sea,” and bamboo and pea extract from Australia, both excellent sources of hyaluronic acid and amino acids.

Origins Plantscriptions Serum

After 8 weeks, the results are subtle but the layers of the upper skin are boosted and there is a less wrinkled surface. Plantscription — the serum — isn’t the only actor in the play: there are other products that have been around for years, including the anti-aging cleanser, lotion, youth-renewing face oil, night cream, and eye cream.

While the serum looks and feels more substantial and veers towards lotion territory, it is interesting that Origins chose to marry social media and science in this way.

Time will tell if this serum delivers on its promises, but for now, it’s a list of beautiful worldly ingredients backed by scientific ingredients — all of which makes the $55 price tag worth it.



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Posted by 09.29.14

It is a beauty secret that dates back to the Golden Age of Hollywood — the humble eyebrow. The late Lauren Bacall was a woman with attitude and great eyebrows, while Audrey Hepburn’s thick, luscious pair emphasized her cheekbones. A slight tweak to the arch of your brow can lift years off your face for less time, pain, and money than an appointment for injectables. Whether you want to give a rounded face more definition, or to soften a sharply angled facial structure, beautiful brows brighten your eyes, leave you looking slimmer and more refreshed.

For an instant result and painless facelift, reach for one of these 6 great brow shapers.

  • Tom Ford v1

    Tom Ford Beauty Brow Sculptor ($44) -- Create brows with impact thanks to Tom Ford Beauty's Brow Sculptor. Its unique calligraphy tip puts you in control of the shape. Offered in 4 sculpting shades.

  • Clinique v1

    Clinique Instant Lift For Brows ($16.50) --  The easiest way to create beautiful brows on the go: fill in and shape brows with this two-in-one applicator. Then run the universal highlighter under the brows for maximum wow factor.

  • Benefit v1

    Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings ($32) -- This bestseller includes tiny brushes and tweezers for any brow emergency. Apply brow wax to lock down unruly hairs and add shine. Then brush on brow powder to deal with sparse or undefined areas.

  • lancome v2

    Lancome Eyebrow Crayon ($26) -- This pencil glides on easily and gives a natural finish. The trick to making penciled brows complement, not spoil your make-up look, is to blend and position them with the brush on the end.

  • Estee v1

    Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Brow Lift Duo ($26) -- This micro-slim pencil is two times smaller than traditional pencils. Achieve precise and defined brows that stay put from sun up to sundown. Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested.

  • MAC v1

    MAC 'Veluxe' Brow Liner ($20) -- The secret to this liner is rich powdery formulation that offers a matte and velvety smooth finish. Finish off with Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set for all-day power brows.





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Posted by 09.27.14

The opening of the 1500 square-foot storefront was fueled by the company’s commitment to inspire people to look better, live better, and feel better through a breakthrough whole-person approach to skincare. The store will be a positive and interactive experience that will appeal to all clients, from those that are familiar with the brand and want to come in for a quick purchase, to those that have a lot of time and want to learn as much as they can about the brand.

“Helping as many people as possible to achieve healthy skin and live happily is one of the goals on which I have based my research, my medical practice, and my life. It is also the reason I began making skincare products in the first place,” said Dr. Murad. “The store is meant to be a place to empower people to not only look better through topical care, but to live better through proper nutrition and supplements, and feel better through emotional self-care and stress management . My hope is that our store will serve as a place where our customers can bridge the gap between beauty and health by giving them the tools and inspiration they need to make every day choices that support their overall skin health.”



  • Murad’s Product Lines. The full range of Murad’s skin-condition-specific, high-performance products.
  • Guided Skincare Applications. These approximately 20-minute “express services” allow clients to experience the products. A Skin Health Specialist applies and explains how and when to use each product. This gives the clients the opportunity to feel the products directly on the skin, see the difference that the products can make in just one application, and know how to use the products when they get home.
  • Skin Health Assessments. In-store Skin Health Specialists will guide you through a quick, 5-minute questionnaire based on the actual consultations that Dr. Murad gives his patients. When complete, you can email the recommendations to your email address, or print a copy right there in the store. You’ll receive all three facets of Inclusive Health; along with products, tips to Live Better through internal care and supplements, and Live Better through managing Cultural Stress. Plus, you will get a printout of the recommendation and a custom sample to take home.
  • YouthCam Evaluations. A high-definition camera measures your lines and wrinkles, pore size, age spots, sun spots, and inflammation giving you a science-based skin analysis — plus it helps determine what products would be best for you.
  • An Interactive Art Wall. Dr. Murad has found that indulging your creative side (or something you’re passionate about) can help reduce overall stress and help you look and feel younger, and live a healthier, happier, more rewarding life. This 84′ ultra HD monitor with special touchscreen technology allows you to “paint” (creating your own virtual painting on the screen), using either your hands or dry paint brushes. When finished, you can add a quote from Dr. Murad and post it right there to your social media account.



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