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Posted by 11.23.14

Want to know how Hollywood A-listers keep their glow? One of their best kept secrets is Marc Edwards whose West Hollywood eponymous Skincare Spa has been keeping celebs Red Carpet Ready since 1998. Voted Best Facialist in Los Angeles, Marc has many years of knowledge and experience acquired by working with some of Beverly Hills’ most successful medspas, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons. He stays on top of the trends and uses only top-of-the-line professional skincare products and the most up-to-date equipment and technology, from Hydrafacial, Silkpeel, and Dermasweep, microcurrent lift, lactic, salicylic and glycolic acid peels, TCA, VI peels, and Cosmelan peels, facial lymphatic drainage, and specialized facial mask techniques.

Edwards’ facials have been featured in numerous Oscar Award and Grammy Award gift bags, and he has performed nearly 35,000 facials during his career.

When and why did you decide to open your own skin spa and create your own product line?

I became a licensed esthetician in 1999 and started opening medspas and selling microdermabrasion machines when nobody knew what either of them was, so I had to educate them about both. I opened a skincare spa and started my own product line after taking several skincare ingredient classes at UCLA given by Rebecca Gadberry, who has been teaching there for over 20 years. Then I finally opened my own spa and acquired over 30 facial machines of my own.

What are your clients’ fave 5 treatments that you offer?

My 5 favorite treatments are ones that I have created by layering at least 6 of my facial machines of the 30 we own to create a unique, but highly results-oriented clinical advanced facial treatment. However among all of our 30 facial machines, my favorites are Jetpeel, Hydrafacial, Silkpeel, Dermasweep, and our brand new Galaxy Esthetics facial machine.

What is your signature program for Red Carpet Ready skin?

Our signature program for red carpet skin is a minimum of six facials spaced six months apart, done once per month. Then we suggest a peel in between and of course, our amazing home skincare program of cosmeceutical-grade products under the Marc Edward skincare brand. We always offer free shipping from our website to anywhere in the United States.

What technology do you use to get the best possible results?

The high technology we use at our skin spa is vast, including Oxygen Infusion, Hydrafacial, Dermasweep, Jetpeel, Silkpeel, Biov2, Vibraderm, LED Light Therapy, Ultrasound, Ultrasonic, Microcurrent, Wrinkle MD, NuFace, Clarisonic, Opal, Foreo Luna, Crystal and Crystal Free Microdermabrasion, Galvanic, High Frequency, Dr Lucas, Radiancy, a lymphatic drainage machine, dermal rollers, and more. When I learn about a new technology, I test it out and if I like the results, I will bring it into the spa.

Share your personal philosophy for treating oily, acne prone skin?

We treat oily and acneic skin using the following home care program; some type of acid, mineral powder only, gentle cleansers only, and limit Clarisonic to once per week. We also recommend that clients come in to check their iodine levels and avoid foods as broccoli, asparagus, table salt, sushi, and vitamins as they are loaded with iodine. We suggest that they also avoid meat and dairy as cows are injected with hormones and by eating them, you can get an acne flare up — unless it is organic or grass fed meat or dairy and then it is okay. Finally we recommend monthly acne facials using enzymes, acids, oxygen, light therapy, deep hydrating treatments, and pore extractions to clean and remove blackheads and clogged pores. We also have clients bring in all of their products on their first facial visit to examine what they are using, and see what is hot and what is not.

Dish with us about your top picks for THE best skin in Hollywood.

My top picks for gorgeous skin are Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston, and Nicole Kidman, all of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting.


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Posted by 08.25.13

Peter Coppola is no newbie to the hair-care arena. He started the keratin revolution decades ago, and has owned more than 30 salons, in addition to working with top magazines, television shows, and websites over a 35-year career.

Now based in Boca Raton, FL, where he operates a salon, Peter has launched a new anti-aging line called Peter Coppola Keratin Concept, a salon and at-home treatment line for reversing damage and the signs of aging hair. Formaldehyde and aldehyde free, the comprehensive line will be sold at more than 30,000 salons nationwide by the end of 2014. Here, Peter shares tips for keeping your hair youthful and healthy.

When we age, how does our hair age? Are there certain diets or lifestyle changes we need to learn to keep our hair healthy?

As we age our hair dries due the lack of pigment, natural moisture, and oils. Diets rich in B-6, B-12, folate, biotin, iron rich protein, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and zinc can help keep your hair healthy. If these nutrients are not found in your daily diet, we encourage daily supplements. Lifestyle changes that will help keep your hair healthy include protecting your hair from the sun’s damaging rays and the beatings from the wind just like we do our skin. Your hair is 100% more fragile than your skin when it comes to the environment.

What makes Keratin Concept stand out in the market today?

Peter Coppola Keratin Concept is formaldehyde and aldehyde free. It’s a “healer” not a “straightener”.

It is the “fountain of youth” in the hair industry—it gives you back what you had—or—what you thought you had as a child: incredibly healthy, shiny, smooth, and lustrous hair.

Who can use Keratin Concept and when should they start using it?

Peter Coppola Keratin Advance Treatments are fabulous for anyone because of the versatility of this product. It leaves your hair shiny and “frizz-free” and it restores the health of your hair from the inside out without sacrificing volume.

What are the fall 2013 hair trends? Which do you love and which would you like to disappear?

For fall 2013, hair trends are more personal than even the clothes we wear. The haircut and the color we choose say just as much about us as our fashion style. This year the most popular hair trends are the most effortless. The side part, the wet look, 1960’s Miami Fountainbleau. Think Madmen. Thank you Janie Bryant for your inspiration. Return to platinum blonde, baliage, and “bronde.” It’s the perfect shade of blonde and brunette blended together.

You’ve worked with a variety of celebrities in Hollywood. Who has the best celeb hair right now and whose hair would you like to work on?

Our favorite celebrities at this time include Mila Kunis. She is our favorite chocolate. Jennifer Lawrence is our “bronde.” Gweneth Paltrow is a blonde. And, our redhead is Juliette Lewis. There are so many beautiful celebrities today. I feel with the right haircut, short hair can be very sexy. Two examples are Charlize Theron and Halle Berry. My favorite styling product for short hair is Peter Coppola Keratin Concept MUD—used on dry or damp hair for an “insta-chic” style.

What are some hair mistakes you see women make over and over again and what can they do to avoid them?

  • People make the mistake of conditioning only the ends. We always condition all of the hair, from the roots to the ends.
  • Not protecting their hair from the intense heat of blow-dryers as well as flat and curling irons. We suggest a cocktail of Peter Coppola Just Blow and Peter Coppola Argon Oil to protect the cuticle cells from damage and breakage. It also helps prevent burning the hair.
  • Not enough conditioning treatments. A once a week deep conditioning fills in any damage and restores hair to a soft, shiny and manageable condition. We recommend Peter Coppola Total Repair Hair Mask.
  • Roughing the hair. Hair is weakest when wet. Blot the hair with a towel gently to prevent frizz and breakage.
  • Detangling. Be patient and don’t rush. Work from the bottom to the top with a wide tooth comb.


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Posted by 07.21.13

Diana Seo’s business trajectory is truly inspiring. In four short years, she has gone from giving individualized facials in the rooms of guests staying at the The Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, to running two B-Spa Bars in boutique hotels, and a spa/salon in Westchester county. A biophysics graduate that gravitated toward combining Eastern and Western treatment philosophies, Diana initially started to develop facials to treat her own acne. Her journey started as a medical consultant for plastic surgeon Charles Thorne, MD, to researching ingredients to detox the body, to earning certification from Atelier Esthétique, which allows her to practice in 39 countries.

Facials from the B-Spa team are totally customized for each client and include hand-mixed treatments based on unusual ingredients like chocolate and tamarind. Plus, Diana has just launched the Stem Cell Facial, which use a reverse polarity device from Italy that enhances the skin’s ability to absorb collagen.

Read on for more of her story:

Why did you set out to “set a new standard in medical day spas?” What motivated you?

Medi spas in the US target clients’ conditions—they are not preventative, they seek to “cure” in a way I believe is too harsh. My experience, working with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, led me to seek out new ways to customize skincare. For example, as I am doing with the stem cell facials I offer at B-Spa, these treatments with surgical grade bovine collagen spur rejuvenation of over dry or aging skin in a healthy, non invasive new way. These facials are breakthrough in that for the first time they allow the infusion of macromolecules of collagen into the skin’s water channels through the newest generation of electro-pulse therapy. B-Spa is one of the only spas in the US to offer this treatment. Men and women are loving it! The skin takes on a super healthy glow, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, and the skin seems plumper, more youthful.  Some of my clients like to do this treatment instead of injectables; they swear by its effects and depend on it as a rejuvenating pick-me-up every week or two.  This treatment is a perfect example of my medi-spa approach—offering a non-invasive medical treatment that is healthy, therapeutic, and just gives people a wonderfully serene sense of—to quote what B Spa is all about—“beauty and balance.”

How does your background in science make you a better beauty expert?

I am trained in science—biophysics. I know anatomy. I am well schooled in physiology. The way I can analyze and help improve skin is similar to the way I was trained in the lab. There are many, many ingredients people are unaware of so my background in biophysics and chemistry allows me to scrutinize key ingredients—and then some! As a researcher and a scientist, my background helps me investigate the best way to help a client’s skin. There is a rigor to my esthetics practice—a formal procedure as there is in medicine and science.

You are influenced by Eastern and Western philosophies. When did that start? Does one prevail?

This balancing of East and West has been part of my life since childhood. I am Korean American. I grew up here in the US and I went to school for pre-med but the Western influence I was exposed to in medicine aimed to “cut”—not to prevent. So I sought a balance to learn about prevention versus potentially more invasive ways to “cure.” I studied Chinese herbal medicine and learned how it could prevent future abnormalities. Yet, I also learned that homeopathic treatments could only do so much. I do place a high value on the benefits of Western medicine. And I see that the discovery of new technology allows for better ways to treat the human body. But given the Western go go go mentality, there is a need to offset this with Eastern medicine—neither one is complete without the other.

Have you always had a holistic approach to life? Or was there a turning point?

When I was in my 20s, I was a partier. I did not watch what I ate, I had little sleep (why did I need it? I thought then), I enjoyed a few drinks when I was out…you could say I had a carefree youth. But seven years ago health became priority #1 for me. My beloved grandfather became ill with cancer and I too had a cancer scare. While I took it upon myself to do all I could to help him recover, I also faced a life-changing situation. I made a career change after my doctors surgically removed a big lymph node. I thought that I had non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I was working with a plastic surgeon but I knew I had to do something different. Initially I wanted to open a tea bar, I wanted to detox the body based on what tea could do for health and healing. I started researching ingredients for skin and body. As this research progressed, I realized I wanted to be certified for esthetics, for a non-invasive way to help restore beauty and balance to people’s lives. So I earned my certification from Atelier Esthétique. This professional certification is most prestigious, it allows me to practice in 39 countries around the world. But overall, seven years ago I began to take the steps I needed to fully balance my life…and share this approach to health and spiritual, organic wellness with those I touch—through work, friendship and family.

You have just introduced the first B-Spa branded productsthe mists inspired by Ayurvedic teachingswhat is the importance of Ayurvedic medicine to you?

Ayurveda means Science of Life in Sanskrit, so this scientific, yet holistic way of healing is incredibly rewarding to me. Ayurvedic medicine is about balancing mind, body and spirit, which is a perfect fit with my life philosophy to naturally embrace mind, body, emotions, and consciousness. My mantra for B-Spa is: “nourish your mind & body with balance & beauty.” But I realized I was not nourishing myself. I was always in a rush, never thinking I needed time for myself. Once I recognized that I was not listening to my own mantra and sensed my stress level becoming out of proportion to my life, I decided to create these holistic mists—and they are incredibly helpful every day. Worry Free helps me not to get stressed out. When I need a refreshing pick me up, I reach for Immunity. I love the soothing nature of Vata when I need to center myself and be calm. So I use all three! And now, I never forget that I need to take a moment to nourish my spirit—and I hope that centered feeling stays with everyone who uses our B-Spa Mists. Each one is unique and features the purest essential oils:

Soothing Vata – Rose geranium, sweet orange, basil, fennel and marjoram bring the revitalizing ability to detach and focus as clear thinking takes over from stressful anxieties.

Immunity - Eucalyptus, lavender, pine, peppermint, spearmint, clove, and cinnamon bark encourage you to enjoy the moment as this forest mist surrounds to allow you to feel immune from the intrusive pressures of the day.

Worry Free  – Jasmine, clary sage, lemon, rose, and patchouli encourage you to de-stress and create a personal oasis of calm, becoming worry free as you detach from anxiety and find a way to prioritize simply and naturally

These are a natural enhancement for anyone who seeks to function in a state of calm and alertness. I believe B-Spa Mists bring positive energy to every aspect of a healthy balanced lifestyle. Of course, I would love to introduce a complete skincare collection based on Ayurvedic medicine but that day has not come yet…soon I hope. More and more Ayurvedic healing is influencing my life and at B-Spa Bar I am seeking new, healthful, healing ways to integrate it into the spa experience.

What is your personal beauty ritual?

First of all, I love Priori products. They are my personal favorites. However, ritual-wise, I cleanse only at night to preserve the skin’s natural oils. But at night I do make sure to follow consistently (this is important, to be consistent) a three-step regimen.  After I cleanse, I use a light enzyme serum, then a rich, intensive night moisturizer to help my skin rejuvenate overnight. But it is a critical step to gently mist with B Mist Worry Free; this eases my mind and helps me sleep. In the morning, I wash my face with water and use a light serum and day moisturizer under makeup. Priori is a Coffeeberry mineral skincare line, which I love. I use their natural SPF everyday as it creates a protective barrier between my skin and the environment—a beautiful balancing step that’s integral to my every day ritual.

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