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Posted by 09.22.13

A lover of all things mid-century, Lynsey Le Keux founded Le Keux Events after finding it hard to source supplies and accessories for her own vintage wedding in the UK. Since going into the wedding planning business, she has added organizing burlesque and dirty dancing nights for bachelorette and bachelor parties, in addition to other special events. Once again, necessity required the multi-talented Le Keux to teach herself vintage hairstyling for promotional photo shots, and ultimately opened Le Keux Vintage Salon in Birmingham, England, and Sugabillys pin-up model agency in 2010. In 2012, she launched Le Keux Cosmetics, knowing exactly what her customers need to create the vintage looks they so desire.

Your makeup line as well as your events company are inspired by styles of the past. Why do you love vintage so much, and what era particularly speaks to you.

Firstly, it’s the aesthetic of mid century design that I love, whether its kitchenalia, atomic fabric patterns, or perfectly polished hair, I’ve always been drawn to the colors and looks of those eras. The fifties is my absolute favorite era; I love rockabilly music and style and Americana—diners and such like, and the cars! My favorite beauty looks are big victory rolls and curls, think Wanda from Cry Baby meets Bettie Page, with bold eyeliner flicks and red lips.

What eras and hairstyles are popular with your clients at the Le Keux Vintage Salon?

Victory rolls are hugely popular in the salon, along with traditional curl sets such as a Rita Hayworth wave or bombshell curls like Marilyn Monroe. Classic 30s inspired marcel waves are also popular for our bridal customers, its so pretty and glamorous for your big day.

As far as creating a vintage makeup look, what are the key components?

The great thing about the classic vintage look is that its achieved with a simple makeup kit. Matte complexion is essential with a peachy blush. Eyebrows are a key element of vintage looks too, and shaded correctly can really frame your face and polish off the look. Eyeliner flicks are next, focusing color on the top lid only, drawn at an angle toward the edge of your brow is super flattering. And finally red lips of course, pillar box red is best and blue tone reds tend to suit all skin tones and colorings. This was the inspiration for our three products, a bright red, flexible lip color that can be worn matte or glossy for a Hollywood finish, peach lip and cheek paint, and true black liner with staying power and smooth application. Your brushes are also a key part of achieving the look, firm, high quality fibers are best, and look into the types of brushes your need for each product.

Any secrets for maintaining a bold red lip throughout the day, without feathering or staining everything in sight?

My trick is to apply, blot, apply, and then seal with translucent powder. Like all your makeup, sealing it helps with staying power and blotting compacts the color pigment and removes excess moisture which you might “wipe” off.

Any words of wisdom regarding starting a business, and following your passion?

I always say “discover what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” When starting a business, let your love of it lead over a desire to be super rich. Do your research and be honest with yourself about true demand for what you want to offer, and be true to your brand. I wear our makeup range every day so when I sell it to customers I know its something they will love and truly perform for them.

What’s next for Le Keux?

It’s exciting times with new ranges for our makeup and brushes currently in development. We’re also launching into men’s stag parties and grooming, all vintage themed of course. And we’re opening new salons across the UK too!

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Posted by 08.25.13

Peter Coppola is no newbie to the hair-care arena. He started the keratin revolution decades ago, and has owned more than 30 salons, in addition to working with top magazines, television shows, and websites over a 35-year career.

Now based in Boca Raton, FL, where he operates a salon, Peter has launched a new anti-aging line called Peter Coppola Keratin Concept, a salon and at-home treatment line for reversing damage and the signs of aging hair. Formaldehyde and aldehyde free, the comprehensive line will be sold at more than 30,000 salons nationwide by the end of 2014. Here, Peter shares tips for keeping your hair youthful and healthy.

When we age, how does our hair age? Are there certain diets or lifestyle changes we need to learn to keep our hair healthy?

As we age our hair dries due the lack of pigment, natural moisture, and oils. Diets rich in B-6, B-12, folate, biotin, iron rich protein, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and zinc can help keep your hair healthy. If these nutrients are not found in your daily diet, we encourage daily supplements. Lifestyle changes that will help keep your hair healthy include protecting your hair from the sun’s damaging rays and the beatings from the wind just like we do our skin. Your hair is 100% more fragile than your skin when it comes to the environment.

What makes Keratin Concept stand out in the market today?

Peter Coppola Keratin Concept is formaldehyde and aldehyde free. It’s a “healer” not a “straightener”.

It is the “fountain of youth” in the hair industry—it gives you back what you had—or—what you thought you had as a child: incredibly healthy, shiny, smooth, and lustrous hair.

Who can use Keratin Concept and when should they start using it?

Peter Coppola Keratin Advance Treatments are fabulous for anyone because of the versatility of this product. It leaves your hair shiny and “frizz-free” and it restores the health of your hair from the inside out without sacrificing volume.

What are the fall 2013 hair trends? Which do you love and which would you like to disappear?

For fall 2013, hair trends are more personal than even the clothes we wear. The haircut and the color we choose say just as much about us as our fashion style. This year the most popular hair trends are the most effortless. The side part, the wet look, 1960’s Miami Fountainbleau. Think Madmen. Thank you Janie Bryant for your inspiration. Return to platinum blonde, baliage, and “bronde.” It’s the perfect shade of blonde and brunette blended together.

You’ve worked with a variety of celebrities in Hollywood. Who has the best celeb hair right now and whose hair would you like to work on?

Our favorite celebrities at this time include Mila Kunis. She is our favorite chocolate. Jennifer Lawrence is our “bronde.” Gweneth Paltrow is a blonde. And, our redhead is Juliette Lewis. There are so many beautiful celebrities today. I feel with the right haircut, short hair can be very sexy. Two examples are Charlize Theron and Halle Berry. My favorite styling product for short hair is Peter Coppola Keratin Concept MUD—used on dry or damp hair for an “insta-chic” style.

What are some hair mistakes you see women make over and over again and what can they do to avoid them?

  • People make the mistake of conditioning only the ends. We always condition all of the hair, from the roots to the ends.
  • Not protecting their hair from the intense heat of blow-dryers as well as flat and curling irons. We suggest a cocktail of Peter Coppola Just Blow and Peter Coppola Argon Oil to protect the cuticle cells from damage and breakage. It also helps prevent burning the hair.
  • Not enough conditioning treatments. A once a week deep conditioning fills in any damage and restores hair to a soft, shiny and manageable condition. We recommend Peter Coppola Total Repair Hair Mask.
  • Roughing the hair. Hair is weakest when wet. Blot the hair with a towel gently to prevent frizz and breakage.
  • Detangling. Be patient and don’t rush. Work from the bottom to the top with a wide tooth comb.


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Posted by 11.25.12

As hair color director for The Salon and Spa at Saks Fifth Avenue, Brad Johns defines hair color style for women around the world. His illustrious career in the beauty industry began at Cinandre, and he has since worked as color director for Jean Louis David in Henri Bendel, Clive Summers, Bruno Dessange, Oribe at Elizabeth Arden, and as Artistic Director for both Avon Salon & Spa and The Brad Johns Studio at Elizabeth Arden. Constantly setting trends, Brad has been dubbed the Golden Boy, the Color Czar, and the founding father of the “chunking” technique. However, Brad’s look is constantly evolving and his individual approach to hair color has made him a favorite among the film, modeling, and music industries. His work can be seen gracing the pages of every major fashion and beauty magazine, from Vogue to Allure—by whom he was voted the best colorist in New York.

Tell us about your background and what influenced you to become a colorist.

I’ve been into the art of transforming hair color since 1973. I grew up transforming troll dolls’ hair with food coloring in a very poor neighborhood where beauticians would come to color the ladies’ hair, and they always looked happier after. Seeing that transformation stuck with me.

I came to New York to study acting at NYU and ended up coloring all the students’ hair in my dorm. While at NYU, my onscreen dreams were halted after being told my blue hair just wouldn’t do. What could have been a major life blow instead became a new beginning. My best friend Vivian encouraged me to take my talent for hair and attend beauty school. The first day I walked in for my interview and smelled the perm solution, I knew I had arrived.

I thought if I could transform sad, poor women and make them look and feel better, that would be my career, my art. My art evolved from coloring troll dolls to dorm mates to family to women from all over the planet.

What is your personal beauty philosophy when it comes to hair color?

Hair color should complement the eyes first, the skin second, and the season third. The shade range in which someone should stay is determined by their childhood hair color. If I think a brunette’s eyes and skin color might look better as a redhead or blonde, I investigate her family’s hair color history. If I find those colors in their family, I go with my instinct and a fiery redhead, a honey-wheat blonde, or a chestnut brunette is born.

What hairstyle and color trends are you a fan of right now? Do you like the ombre look, for example?

I’m not a fan of fad hair color. I invented “chunking” in the 90s and use it as an everyday highlighting technique, not as a “trend.” I feel that once a trend like ombre becomes a fad, people get tired of it, lose interest, and then nobody wants it. Trends are just that, they come and go. My philosophy is more about identifying your best personal hair color based on your individual features and lifestyle, not trying to match the look of a celebrity.

Do you have any tips for women to maintain their color and keep it looking fresh longer?

Hair color is an accessory that you never take off. Just like any other expensive accessory, you have to take proper care of it. I recommend specific shampoo, conditioner, and styling aides for my clients so they don’t ruin the art of their great color. Women don’t need homework; I advise my clients on what specific products to buy so they aren’t bothered with reading labels and deciphering ingredients on the back of a bottle.

What do you love most about the work you do?

As long I am helping people bring out their individual beauty by adorning their hair with colors and shapes, I’m doing what I love most. I love the idea that when I start working, I feel like a little kid with a paint brush. My art is transforming people into feeling and looking better.

What comes next for you?

I have over three decades of hair color experience and have been a Color Director at many major salons, including Oribe, Avon, and Red Door, as well as running my own salon. I’ve also served as a spokesperson for Clairol for many years. What’s next is a book I’m working on about how hair color has transformed my life.

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