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Posted by 03.24.09


THE BODY SHOP VITAMIN C MICRO REFINER – Body Shop products to me are like the poor girl’s Origins, about the same price of Korres but not even half as good. I admit it – I never really bought into the Anita Roddick (may she rest in peace)ย hippie commune mystique. She claimed to be so anti anti-aging cream, but then she launched a kinetin based wrinkle product (like the poor girl’s version of Kinerase). I know she was credited with discovering all these obscure pure ingredients from hidden corners of the world, but by the time they ended up in BS products, they were so watered down as to be irrelevant. This scrub is no exception. Pretty generic in texture, fragrance and performance – it’s not bad, it’s just not great. In today’s market, you can get drugstore ‘cosmeceutical lite’ brands that are better formulas and work well on your skin, for the same pricetag. Every time I pass by a Body Shop when the door is open, I get one whiff of the vanilla, fruity and flowery fragrances, and I speed up. ย 

FINAL VERDICT –SYC (SAVE YOUR CASH) – The 80s called and they want their creams back!

2 Responses to “C NO EVIL”

  1. pearlpower Says:

    LOL Youre a girl after my own heart sweetie!

  2. spacey Says:

    Agree, Body Shop makes crap.

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